☺ Word of WARNING: the tragic consequences of procrastination

Hi kim!

I came here in Edmonton October of 2008, an IEN from the Philippines.  I am currently working as LPN.  Edmonton is my first destination and we will settle here for good.  When I did my assessment last juneof 2011,  CARNA gave me two courses to take that can be finished in 2 months time.  I was not able to take my courses early due to bulk of students that are doing the bridging at the MRU.  Unfortunately my IELTS exam will expire this coming April 11.  I took the exam again but i was not able to meet the required score in writing.

I want to try my luck with CELBAN, I am takign the test this coming April 11 and 12.  My problem is, i dont have any idea of the exam.  The self assessment for the test that can be accessed at the CELAS website is not fix yet. I hope you can give me an idea about the test.


Sun, Apr 8, 2012 at 8:56 (note time and date stamps as you read)

Dear N,

Thank you for your e-mail, and all the details about your journey.

Am I to understand that you could not register for the classes at Mount Royal because the classes were full! I can not believe that! I had not heard about that before.

It is so unfortunate that exams expire. It can be so frustrating. Does this mean you have to get your English before you can take the classes? Good luck on the exam. If you get this in time, you might want to check out some of the writing samples on Dear Kim.

Let me know how it goes,


Sat, 10/20/12

Hi Kim! I know this is too late but I still need your expertise on this matter.  Is it still possible for you help me at this point of time.  I will be taking my exam this coming 0ct. 24, wednesday.  I just want to have some writing practices and want your feedback on my writings.  When I took the celban test last April I got only 6 on my writing, the rest were ok.  I am willing to pay the required amount for my request.  I still have 3 days to do it, Sunday to Tuesday or even for two days.  I am just here at home, reviewing.
Thank you so much Kim!

Thank you so much for your help!

Respectfully yours,



Sun, 10/21/12 (note last e-mail was in April)

Hi Kim! I’m supposed to take the test in November, but when Kathy asked me if I am willing to take it earlier I said yes. I know you know how hard it is to get a schedule. I have waited for almost 6 months.  I am hoping that if I will make it this time I can still enroll this January. I know the consequences of taking the test without so much preparation and readiness, and to tell you the truth I am too anxious about this.  I have been in the profession for 20 years, and I can say that my skills in nursing is unquestionable. I have got a US license,( NCLEX) without difficulty, and I was just given 2 courses when I did my SEC which I can be finished in2 1/2 months time. For me,  passing the English test is more difficult than passing the CRNE.  You are right Kim, I cannot be a registered nurse here in Canada if I didn’t pass the test.
Kim, please help me even 5 exercises in writing with your feedback will surely make a difference. I can do it in a day.  Please consider my request.


Dear N,

Thank you for this added information. I do hope the very best for you, and that your experience as a nurse will sustain you and allow you to perform better on this CELBAN than the last time you took it.

Yes, I know and understand the anguish of waiting… and that it happens all too often. The most important thing for you to do is to apply some relaxation techniques to help you to stay calm and confident: breathing, positive self talk, transforming negative thoughts. Feeding your brain and encouraging positive endorphins going.

I am positive that you are an excellent nurse, with most wonderful experience and knowledge. For you to go through the process so quickly testifies of your ability. Unfortunately, I did not read your e-mail until today. If you still have time check out the links on Dear Kim.

Regardless of what happens, please keep in touch and let me know!




Dear Kim,
Thank you very much for your encouragement and advise.  I’ve been reading the writing samples and tried to analize your corrections and comments.  I read all the testimonials too regarding the writing test.  I must admit, that alone is helping me a lot. I am lifting it up to our almighty God, I am praying for his guidance throughout the test. If I did’n’t make it I will surely need your help, I will keep in touch.
Thank you once again for helping the IENs!
Dear N,As I read your comments I was very pleased that simply by reading my posts on Dear Kim you were able to get some guidance and support, seeing as you do not have time to take CELBANPrep. As our e-mails have gone back and forth I have considered posting them on Dear Kim as well. When I did I was surprised to see that you first contacted me right before your exam in April. Then we lost touch. In that time you got the results, learned that you had not passed, and did not contact me until just days before the second time you wrote the exam. I was distressed to see the amount of time you lost, six months, where you could have been preparing for the exam. By taking CELBANPrep you would have entered this second exam feeling confident and prepared instead of anxious. Now there is a potential of you retaking it again in January, expanding your loss financially (taking the exam 3 times) and your loss in time (6 months to a year).I have developed a saying since I began working with IENs and IEHPs, “If what you are doing is not getting you to where you want to be, change your strategy.” Hopefully this is the lesson you are learning.I am guessing that the reason has more to do with time management than anything, that working at the Mis has made it difficult for you to prepare for the CELBAN. Unfortunately the loss in time is great! I hope that your story serves as a warning to those who read this. I hope that they heed this warning, and learn from it. I hope that they make decisions early that will allow them to save in both time and money. I hope that they learn that preparing for the CELBAN requires time, with the preparation beginning months before the actual exam. I hope that those who read this post understand that asking for help only days before the exam is not a productive study strategy. The thing is, N, too many people do this! I can not tell you how often I see it. It was not until reading all your e-mails that this strategy and its consequences became so apparent. The fortunate thing is that you have already progressed in your process that you should be able to become a nurse before this exam expires. With you only having 3 chances at the CELBAN you only have one chance left after this October exam! For other people at the beginning of their process this would be extremely problematic, but for you your saving grace is having gotten so far along in the process.At the end of the day, I am glad that reading the posts on Dear Kim helped you. In hindsight I wish it had happened when I first recommended you do this. I do hope that you passed this time, and if not I hope that you change your strategy to one that will bring success!Sustaining your Dreams,

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