What are you learning about the Canadian culture when it comes to communication?

Hi Kim,
Thank you very much for your kind reply. I am from Nepal and have been living in Canada around one year. Calgary is my first place of arrival. I have not taken CELBAN and CLB before. But i have my IELTS around 6. I am working as a health care aide in Calgary. I am expecting a great help from you regarding the CELBAN .
I am looking forward to hearing from you
With best regards, P

Flag of NepalDear P,

Welcome! I am curious. In the past 6 months I have been contacted by many people from Nepal. Would you be able to explain this to me?? Is there a reason why more people are migrating from Nepal to Canada? What brought you here?

I am glad you have employment. This is good. Hopefully you are learning about the health care system in Canada, and about clinical communication here.

A 6 is good, but it is low compared to the 10 required for listening. What have you been doing to improve on your English, over the past year?

Looking forward to your reply with great anticipation!



Hi Kim,
Sorry for delay massage. As you mentioned, many people are migrating from Nepal to Canada in the recent year, the reason behind it might be feeling of secured working in Canada. There might be additional others reason such as financial matter, curious to visit in abroad, burn-out in work ย etc. In my case, I came here just about curious to travel in foreign country, as I heard in Nepal, the most suitable country for nurses are US, UK and Canada. So I decided to come Canada.
I have job in Calgary as Health care aide, and I am enjoying. We required ย 10 in listening and for me it is quite tough. So I am expecting support from your side as well as I need to do really very hard job to secure the bands. I am not doing anything to make my English better except talking with team at work. I know this is my bad. But now I will do my best to improve my English.
with best regards, P
Dear P,Thank you for explaining! Again, I got another e-mail from someone from Nepal in Ontario. Is the economic or political climate in Nepal part of the reason, too? As you can see, I too am curious about other countries, and I get to travel through the stories and experiences that people write for me! One day I do hope to travel to all of these wonderful countries, including Nepal!Yes, UK, US, Canada and Australia too, I think. Why did you choose chilly Canada and Calgary over the US or UK?I am glad you are working. I know it can be hard to be limited as an aid. What kind of facility are you working in? Are you paying attention to clinical communication? What are you learning about the Canadian culture when it comes to communication? These are very important lessons you can learn no other way!I am glad that you admitted that a 10 in listening is hard, and that you need to do more to improve your speed, accuracy and vocabulary. How long it takes to become a nurse will depend on how dedicated you are to learning the language. The more dedicated you are, the quicker your process. Did you read Word of WARNING: the tragic consequences ofย procrastination?

Have you looked into the Study Guide at


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