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Ur book it’s fraud.

Technical Difficulties does not mean something is a fraud.
Technical Difficulties does not mean something is a fraud.

Hi this was big mistake that I purchased ur book it’s fraud because I am unable to open it .i will also suggest others to not buy this book .before u didi not mention that after buying this you have to take membership because a try hard to pen all vedios but I can’t it was not wastage of my money. Even with free membership it is not opening 

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Whew! R, just because you could not open the book does not mean it is a fraud! It means you are having technical difficulties of some kind and that instead of searching for solutions you made false claims and allegations! 

Where do we start in problem-solving?

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What You Need to Prepare for the CELBAN!

Ever since CELBANPrep was created in 2009, Internationally Educated Nurses preparing for the CELBAN have been looking for resources to prepare for the CELBAN. For over 10 years CELBANPrep has provided: lessons, assignments, guidance, videos, and writing samples. There have always been two parts:

  1. The Membership to the Website to access the writing samples, and other material.
  2. The E-books with the lessons, samples, instructions and assignments.

Because CELBANPrep began before iPhones, tablets and smart phones existed – only a few years after YouTube was created – since 2009 there have been 10 versions of CELBANPrep! (Each one takes months to create!)

Two things remain: you need both the instruction manuals and the membership!

The 2020 Version of CELBANPrep has integrated modern technological advances to offer to you:

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Get Your FREE CELBAN Preparation E-Book today!

Dear Friend,

I am so happy to announce a brand new CELBAN preparation resource. In partnership with Amazon we have launched a new e-book:

It is available FREE with Kindle Unlimited! 

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Is it possible to take CELBAN test … prior to NNAS application

Is it Possible to take the CELBAN prior to applying to NNASHi Kim,

Thanks for the welcome message [and for the 7 Day FREE Trial of CELBANPrep]. I’d like to ask if its possible to take celban test and pass first prior to NNAS application. I’m not pretty confident to pass the english test and registering for NNAS is very expensive and it has an expiration. Financial resources is very limited as well. Please advise.
Thank you,

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CELBANPrep is now more affordable

CELBANPrep is now more affordable
Dear Friends,
Because of the need to have memberships sold separately, the cost of the Amazon resources has gone down! 
It is true! The CELBANPrep textbooks used to be between $77.77 and $44.44. But now their prices have been reduced to $9.99 – $14.44. This allows you to have extra money to pay for the CELBANPrep Memberships.
  • Each membership is between $12.22 and $22.22; and,
  • There are three bundles.
    • Reading and Listening,
    • Grammar Essentials,
    • CELBANPrep GOLD ~ which included everything!

Remember: CELBANPrep is a two step process. You need both an e-book or workbook from Amazon AND a CELBANPrep Membership!

Get a 7 Day Membership Trial for FREE!

(Limited Time Offer)

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How CELBANPrep Memberships Work

How CELBANPrep Memberships Work
Dear Friends,

Let’s say you completed the CELBAN or IELTS: Pre-test, so you know that Nouns and Articles are your weakness.  Knowing this you go to Amazon and purchase the CELBAN or IELTS ~ Grammar Essentials: Student Workbook #1 (Nouns & Articles).   You then go to You go to the CELBANPrep Join Us page  and you get your CELBAN or IELTS Vol 1: Nouns and Articles Membership. When you login you notice there are a bunch of FREE Trials for CELBANPrep Listening, Speaking, and Writing.

You go to the Members Only – CELBAN or IELTS ~ Nouns page. (If you already have a CELBANPrep Membership, log in. You have been granted permission to this page as part of a free trial.) 

Here you will see 15 Videos! And right below that you will see two forums with Writing Assignment Examples. (One is included in the FREE trial. The other is visible when you subscribe.)

Here you see the work of former students applying advanced grammar skills in a medical context. You know you are at the right place! You know, deep within your being: this is the answer you have been looking for! Now you understand. CELBANPrep and Kim are real!

Through the NEW CELBANPrep Memberships you get to see first hand how the CELBANPrep Method works. You get to understand the value of both CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials, and CELBANPrep Writing Level One. Then you can purchase CELBANPrep Books on Amazon with confidence! Remember, you must have both the resource from Amazon AND a membership to prepare for your English Proficiency exam with CELBANPrep!

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Now, CELBANPrep members have access to writing examples.

Access CELBANPrep Writing Examples
Dear Friends,

In the past, with previous CELBANPrep editions, Internationally Educated Health Professionals worked with their Writing Coaches on the IEPC Learning Center portal. Here each learner would post their writing, for review and revision. Once feedback was received, they would integrate the feedback, and repost the assignment. Posting assignments online gave each Internationally Educated Health Professional the ability to contribute to the learning of others while at the same time learning from witness others learning how to transform their weaknesses into strengths.

Now that the CELBANPrep videos are on the website, and memberships have been created once again, access to the writing assignments can be granted. And so it is that you can purchase both the resource from Amazon and your CELBANPrep Membership with confidence!

Get a 7 Day Membership Trial for FREE!

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