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CELBANPrep’s 12 Days of Christmas

The CELBANPrep 12 Days of Christmas GiveAways is back! Follow us on Facebook @CELBANPrep!

December 9-24

78 FREE Memberships

Thoughout December, on Facebook, we will be giving away 78 Memberships amounting to $3, 141.78!

That is right! Lets’s do the math. If Day 1 we give away 1 membership and Day 2 we give away 2 memberships… and on Day 12 we give away 12 memberships that equals to 78 memberships!

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12 = 78!

Each membership is worth between $17.77 and $199!

Be among the first to act!


  1. Complete the action of the day.
  2. Take a screen shot and post it as a comment on Facebook.
  3. The first to post the screenshot/comment will receive the gift.
  4. Total daily value is up to: $1000.
  5. Total value of memberships over the 12 days: ** $3, 141.81 **.
  6. Number of memberships gifted: 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12= **78**!
  7. Only one membership per person throughout the 12 Days of Christmas.
  8. Gift Certificate coded MUST be used before December 26: that is when they expire.
  9.  To allow for different time zones across Canada, the 12 Days of Christmas CELBANPrep Membership Giveaways will be posted at different times each day.

Tell your friends:

  • Different memberships will be gifted – for FREE- every day from December 9th to December 24th.
  • Information will be posted on Facebook @ CELBANPrep daily.
  • Several days are for members-only: people who already have a membership with CELBANPrep.

Get Ready:

NOTE: Kindle Unlimited Memberships grant you access to the entire Kindle collection of participating e-books. It is similar to a library card. So, you can use it for more than just CELBANPrep.

I am so impressed!

The “How to Prepare for the CELBAN: CELBANPrep User Guide” made it on Good Reads! The review and information about CELBANPrep is thorough! It is accurate, it is detailed and complete! I am so very impressed! Check it out! 

Thank you to the author and to Arnil for the first review!


CELBANPrep: Now Available in Print!

CELBANPrep is now available in 100 Countries: in PRINT!


I Just Want to Appreciate your heart to help aspiring future nurses of Canada 

Eight days ago I got a simple message via Facebook asking where I/CELBANPrep is located. I replied by informing the individual – as I always do – that everything I have created is in one of two places:

  1. Amazon for textbooks and workbooks, and
  2. CELBANPrep for writing samples and teaching videos (a membership is required).

Then I informed her of the 3 FREE resources available through Amazon (FREE with Kindle Unlimited, which also has a FREE Trial.) I asked her to get back to me if she had any questions after reading them.

“Do you have any books for reading and listening?” she asked?

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So sad to hear what happened

I wanted to share three responses to CELBANPrep Speaking [reading, listening] E-Book will no longer available

This message comes from Toni and was posted on Facebook:

 I am thankful to come across CELBANPrep in YouTube in 2012; excited to find out more about it and could not wait to purchase the discounted materials. I am very grateful to have crossed paths with Kim K., the energetic and talented woman behind CELBANPrep to whom I have corresponded through countless emails and phonecalls while preparing for the English test. Looking back then, those emails and phonecalls were great tools that enhanced my abilities in writing, speaking, and listening! CELBANPrep has helped me continue my studies to become a successful nurse in Canada. And so I am saddened to hear this news. To all IENs out there, please do not give up and be frustrated so easily. Do not hesitate to contact Kim when you encounter problems opening any CELBANPrep materials or apps you have purchased. It’s all worth it!

Ching, wrote on the  Dear Kim blog:

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CELBANPrep Speaking E-books will no longer be available.

You win, Orathai! 
Because of your ignorance and inability to read instructions and the information provided in the descriptions and the FREE CELBANPrep User Guides, CELBANPrep E-books for reading, listening and speaking will no longer be available. 

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Ur book it’s fraud.

Technical Difficulties does not mean something is a fraud.
Technical Difficulties does not mean something is a fraud.

Hi this was big mistake that I purchased ur book it’s fraud because I am unable to open it .i will also suggest others to not buy this book .before u didi not mention that after buying this you have to take membership because a try hard to pen all vedios but I can’t it was not wastage of my money. Even with free membership it is not opening 

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Whew! R, just because you could not open the book does not mean it is a fraud! It means you are having technical difficulties of some kind and that instead of searching for solutions you made false claims and allegations! 

Where do we start in problem-solving?

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