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How can I help you verify the authenticity of your [CELBANPrep] books?

How can I help you verify the Authenticity of CELBANPrep books

Hi Kim,

I want to give a review or comment on your website regarding your books and celban review. I took the exam last June 12 and  got my result today. Please give me instructions on how I can help you verify the authenticity of your books and I also would be willing to give my testimonial.

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Open Letter to Anuj Bohara who gave one star to CELBANPrep Listening Complete: claiming it is a scam.

Anuj One star

Anuj, Had you purchased your CELBANPrep Membership at or www.CELBANPrep. info to access the Test and Answer Booklets you would have access to my e-mail address. Alternatively you could have contacted me through or Facebook. Instead you chose to write a negative review slandering the work I have done and what I have created because you failed to read the instructions about the Kindle Print Replica Technical Requirements and Limitations on Page 6.

Amazon 5

Requirements Page

If you had read page 6 you would have discovered that your device is a read-only device. This is not a limitation of your Kindle Print Replica but what you used to access CELBANPrep Listening Complete. Had you explored other devices, as suggested, you would have discovered that using a laptop or computer instead of your smart phone (or whatever device you used) would have provided what your device could not: active videos and interactive links. I challenge you to try other devices and see how uninformed you were to write such a negative review. 

The problem is not with Amazon or CELBANPrep but the limitations within your devices.

Information was provided. Access to communicate with me was made available. But instead you chose to rant and write a negative review.

At the end of the day, when people send out negativity it comes back many fold. Choosing kindness, compassion, patience and understanding will always get you further in life.

Each decision we make – each act we take – is an expression of our innate character.

Please see to discover how hundreds of Internationally Educated Nurses from across Canada and around the world have benefited from reading instructions.


Amazon PIt appears there are others that fail to read instructions as well.  Others that display their lack of literacy publicly!

Please ensure you read the following instructions!

Dear Friends,

If you are purchasing CELBANPrep Complete (either for reading or listening) please ensure you do the two following things:

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CELBAN Preparation in Israel and Internationally

CELBAN Preparation in Israel

Hello, Dear Kim! I’ve never met you, but your words touched my heart deeply! I know that the immigration process isn’t easy, I am going to pass it one more time. The first my time was  from Bulgaria to Israel in 1997,we were a young family with two little children, without money,language, suitable professions. Now we are more clever, because of our age and experience, we have good professions, my husband is a pastry chef, both our children grew ,aged 23 and 19 and recently they have helped us to make the decision to immigrate again. Living in Canada is an old our dream, unfortunately it was not possible to realise for several reasons. Now I prepare both language,  English – I passed the IELTS exam with the scores:7, 5.5, 4.5 and 4.5, accordingly in speaking, writing, listening and reading and French, that I’ve learned at the high school and recently with a private teacher. I want to pass the CELBAN exam as soon as possible in order to achieve the required scores to my nursing license. Despite my aged, 47, I am full energy to bring my family to our deemed country, Canada. Tank you for your inspiring in me, I hope we will continue to be in touch. Have a nice day, Kim! Sincerely yours, I

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CELBAN Preparation in Singapore and Internationally

CELBAN Preparation in Singapore

Dear Kim,

Hi, my apology if i haven’t get back to you right away, quite busy these days. By the way, i’m from the philippines and a registered nurse there. However, I ‘m currently working in singapore as an enrolled nurse. and i’m processing my papers to migrate in canada unfortunately, the visa application has been hold.

Anyway, before stepping into canada i am doing research on how to apply as a registered nurse. IELTS is one of the requirements and actually I have tried many times in academic for ielts but i can’t make it and there is an option which is the CELBAN ( hope this will suit me).

I hope I can gain some information about this coz i don’t have any idea on this and will pass the exam on the appointed time.

Thanks for having this program for free. God bless



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300 – CELBAN Preparation in Dubai, UAE and internationally

CELBAN Preparation in Dubai, UAE, United Arab Emirates

Dear Kim,
Good morning. ..Thank you very much for the reply regarding CELBAN.
I am currently residing in Abudhabi, U.A.E since last 8yrs, working as Registered Nurse in OR, in one the reputed hospitals in U.A.E.
Basically l am from the Southern  part of India, Kerala. I hold the Canadian PR from 2010.But I stayed there in CA, only for a sum of 2-3 months.Actually Abudhabi is my first stop outside India.

I tried IELTS few times,after having the coaching class in India in 2004.Recently I received an IELTS score of overall 7.0(L-7.5, R-6.5, W-7,S-6.5).Unfortunately for CNO, they need a 7.0 band in speaking.

I will be relocated in March.I successfully completed the CRNE.[Now the NCLEX is required.]  For the process of registration completion, l need either IELTS/CELBAN.

I have done the free self assessment for the CELBAN, (R-8 and L-9).So I need further assistance in CELBAN preparation. How can I register myself for the CELBAN prep? Is there any form to be filled out?
I need a positive reply before the offer expires.

Thank you again and expecting a reply as early as possible.

With regards, L

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600 – I am from Philippines currently working as caregiver … I wanted to try CELBAN but I am scared … I am not working in the hospital now for three and half (3 1/2) years

CELBAN Preparation in the Philippines

Dear Kim,

Honestly, I am comfused to what english test to take, I was reading about Ielts but I found difficult. I wanted to try CELBAN but I am scared because I don’t have the idea how is the exam is going to be, yes i know, there will be listening, reading, writing and speaking, but I am still wondering how is it going to be done in CELBAN. I have tried IELTS (general) before But I was not satisfied about my score, it was low, its was really bad and frustrating.
As when I was viewing all your videos (Dear Kim Canada – YouTube) I’ve heard that there will be role playing , and thats make me scared even more because I am not working in the hospital now for three and half (3 1/2) years, I can feel now as I do not know anything anymore in nursing, like nursing terms and all and so with the writing I am so slow, I practise, I try to write but everytime I read my out its so frustating because its just like it was done by grade 3or grade 5 student… I’m screwed!
By the way, I forgot to introduce my self, I am G from Philippines currently working as caregiver and soon to have an open permit, hopefully it will go smoothly.  (I’m working on my papers now). I am planning to complete my english exam within this year, I wanted to be a Licensed practical nurse first then hopefully I can proceed to a Registered Nurse someday if God’s permit.
Thank you…please help me. G

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CELBANPrep Available in 100 Countries!!!

CELBAN Prep available in 100 Countries

Dear Friends,

Did you know that CELBANPrep is available in 100 Countries!!!

There are four easy steps:

  1. Verify that your nation is listed among the 100 Amazon serves.
  2. Get your Amazon Shopping App
  3. Get Your Kindle App
  4. Make a Purchase

It is that easy!


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