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Would you like to learn a bit about CELBANPrep University?

Did you know that we have been assisting Internationally Educated Nurses since 2009? That’s right. Since 2009, Internationally Educated Nurses from around the world, and across Canada, have come to CELBANPrep to prepare for the Canadian English Language Benchmark Assessment for Nurses.

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Are you looking for CELBAN reviewers for reading, writing, listening and speaking?

Find these CELBAN Preparation Guide Books on Amazon

Kim Kara, the founder of CELBANPrep University, has been preparing IENs like you for the CELBAN since 2009. Learn the secret to preparing for the CELBAN that WISE IENs know about passing the exam through this quick 4-minute video.

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3G* CELBAN Preparation in 🇮🇳 India and Internationally

Updated 2021

Dear Kim ,
How are you ? I need your help . I’m from India . My canada immigration process is about to complete and soon I will be landed in canada Very soon I’ll get my Visa for canada. I have done General Nursing . I Don’t know what would be my career there. I Know one think i have to clear English language test . I Got 6 band in IELTS.. I’ve heard that CELBAN test is quite easier than IELTS . Thus, I’ve started to search on it.. I Got ur Fb id From you tube . Plz Guide What should i do till I get my visa . Staying at India , How can i make myself capable for CELBAN . Plz Support me . In India I’ve Time to improve myself .In Canada My Life Would be Quite Busy i think. Hope You would respond . I’ll be thankful for you for kindness act .
Regards , A

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3G* CELBAN Speaking Compare and Contrast Example

Updated 2021

Dear Friend, 

Although the Compare and Contrast task on CELBAN Speaking is used more rarely now that the CELBAN exam has become more sophisticated, learning how to compare and contrast is a valuable skill to have when it comes to both:

  • CELBAN Writing Task 1, and
  • CELBAN Speaking Tasks for “Getting Things Done” and “Giving Instructions.”

For this reason, the following is being shared with you. The piece is called Shopping in Dubai versus Canada  It was written by an IEN, like you, preparing for the CELBAN. 

Note the introduction, the conclusion, the comparison of things, and contrasting things in Canada and Dubai.


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I already took the celban twice and I am always short on the speaking component.

Updated 2021

Dear Kim,
Hello! My name is J, I already took the celban twice and I am always short on the speaking component. I read your website and I am interested to review, but I am quite confused what to pick.  I cannot afford a 3 month review.  If you could recommend a class for me, I just want to do speaking — a one on one if possible.
Thank you,

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Which should I take first: CELBANPrep Writing or Speaking?

Updated 2021

Dear Kim,
 What can you suggest for me to avail first?
I’d like to avail the Course Bundle for speaking
and writing.
Thanks! 🙂

Using Scales for CELBAN Speaking

Updated 2021

Hai Kim,

    i have a question regarding speking, for pain we have to ask for pain level in 0 to 10 scale,for altered sleep how can we ask?i mean,is there  any thing like pain scale? or can we ask them to describe the sleep pattern?                                                                                                                A

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What can you recommend as the best bundle … for celban that i can purchase?

Updated 2021

Hi! What can you recommend as the best bundle package reviewer for celban that i can purchase?


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400 i heard that CELBAN speaking is difficult? is that true?

Updated 2021

Hi Kim,

          how are you?my celban exam date is not yet confirmed.i am waiting for the confirmation,once it is done i am willing to take celban coaching.i am tensed why they are taking so much of time for giving me the confirmation.its been 2 months i applied for the exam.i heard that celban speaking is difficult? is that true?please reply me
        thank you kim.

I have booked for Celban test … I have only two weeks left

Dear Kim,

Hope you are fine.. I am really interested in this deal.. But, I have some doubts. I have booked for Celban test on 21st November, so I have only two weeks left. I have read that this deal is a 4 lesson-4 weeks and 8 lesson- 8 weeks course, may I know if I could access these in 4 days and 8 days?? Moreover May I know whether you would correct my writings and give me feed back, and also I would like to know how speaking lessons take place. Would you please reply to my concern as soon as possible.. because I have a very few days left for my exam.. Waiting to hearing from you soon.

Thanking You. S

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