Using Scales for CELBAN Speaking

Updated 2021

Hai Kim,

    i have a question regarding speking, for pain we have to ask for pain level in 0 to 10 scale,for altered sleep how can we ask?i mean,is there  any thing like pain scale? or can we ask them to describe the sleep pattern?                                                                                                                A


Good question. There are many ways to use scales. The most basic is the pain scale:

On a scale of zero to ten, where ten is the most pain, how would you rate your pain?

Scales can be used in a variety of ways, but very few people do. After five years of teaching CELBANPrep only one person, last month, used a scale to measure something other than pain. I realized then, that a scale can be used for a variety of things: hunger, thirst, depression, itchiness.  For sleeping? How about:
  • On a scale of zero to ten, where ten is the best sleep, how would you rate how well you sleep each night?
  • On a scale of zero to ten, where ten is the most restless sleep, how restless are you at night?

Great Question!

Thank you,

2 responses to “Using Scales for CELBAN Speaking

  1. Hi Kim,

    I want to ask what will be the the best answe for the question describe yourself?
    what points should we keep in mind to prepare this.


    • Dear Gurdeep,
      This is a great question. I am guessing that you are asking about this in reference to the CELBAN Speaking. What is important to understand is that on the CELBAN there are four contexts: Interacting with Others, Getting Things Done, Understanding Information and Giving Instructions. You are expected to do so in informal and formal situations. So this question is an informal question where you demonstrate your ability to interact with others. How you answer that question is up to you. It is about you. There is no required structure the assessors are looking for. They are assessing you on how well you create communication in the English language. ~Kim

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