Keepsake !! After 3x failing the IELTS, I finally passed my CELBAN exam in the first attempt!

Updated 2021

Dear Kim

I passed. Can you believe it? After three times failing the IELTS exam, I finally passed my CELBAN exam in the first attempt. I do not know how can I appreciate you. In fact, your great teaching method made my future bright in this country. Nobody knows my feeling now, it is like a flying. Finally my dreams come true with the help of God, your great teaching and my stamina.
My dearest friend.
 It was six months ago that I did not have any hope to pursue my job in this country. As I had passed the NCLEX exam before, the only barrier for me to become a registered nurse was the language proficiency exam; however, IELTS totally depleted my energy and I decided to quit my dream. My husband encouraged me to join the CELBANPrep course, but I had no trust to your course. Finally I joined the CELBANPrep course without any hope, I told my husband,” I attend this course because of you, but I know that it is useless!” I feel confident in stating that joining CELBANPrep course was the best gift that I have got in my life. When I was under a huge pressure,and I felt hopeless and helpless in this country, you act like a lighthouse to show me a right way in the stormy sea. You are in my heart and my mind for ever.
God Bless You

Dear R,

Thank you for sending this message.
I am just rereading it over and over again. There is a smile on my lips, in my heart, and a tear in my eyes.
I did not know.
I did not know that you had given up your dream before meeting me.
I did not know you did not have any hope.
I did not know that you had no trust and you thought it was useless.
I did not know.
Now that I know, I am touched beyond belief.
If you look at the logo you see a person standing in the dark. IEPC is the light showing the way. Below the figure are the words: Creating Connections, Sustaining Dreams. For some businesses the logo tag line and values or mission statements are just statements. But for me, my logo and tagline are an expression of my hopes and dreams for myself and what I do. To read your message is so deeply validating.
Please extend my warmest regards to your husband, for taking such good care of you when you needed it the most. It was his faith in you that transformed to his trust and faith in CELBANPrep. He is a good man, to sustain you in this way. There are many women across Canada and around the world who do not have such support. He is an example for many. I wish him the very very best in pursuing his own goals and dreams of life in Canada.
Wherever the wind takes you, please stay in touch, knowing I will be thinking of you with fondness.
UPDATE: In 2014 R was living her dreams as an ER nurse in Canada.

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