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♥ [I am an LPN thinking of being an RN but,] I have nightmares on [CELBAN] writing.

Hi Kim,
I’ve been reading your “Dear Kim” blog less than a year. I’ve contemplating to do my bridging program for RN in [province]. I procrastinated though, due to my fear of not passing the IELTS.
[My city] is such a nice place, it’s growing so fast. Sometimes, I like it. Sometimes, I don’t. I came here to Canada 5 years ago as an LPN from the Philippines. I used to be an RN back home. I am currently working in a busy floor, it’s a combination of Labour and Delivery, Postpartum Unit and Gastrointestinal Surgery. Once in a while we also get the not so very young. I have a permanent resident status and just recently submitted my citizenship application.
I love what I do, I know that I was born to be a nurse. Lately, our LPN scope of practice in Alberta has expanded. There are only 3 things an LPN in our unit can’t do. Be an Obstetrical Nurse, spike a blood bag and be a charge nurse. Other that than, LPNs do everything. However, we get paid less. Less than $20/hour. I want to be honest with you, I want more. I want to get paid more on how good I am. Does this make me a less nurse? I hope not.
I have a long history with IELTS. Back in 2007, I started taking up the test in Manila for my New Zealand application. They were requiring a band score of 7 on each modules. I took the test 9 times! You know why? Because my writing was always a band score of 6.5. So, I gave up.
Last July of 2014, I took the plunged again. I sat for IELTS exam. Even though, at the back of my mind, I should’ve taken CELBAN. My test score was L: 8.5 R: 7.5 W: 6.5 S: 7.5 Overall Band Score: 7.5. I was broken-hearted. I was 0.5 away, again.
I speak English everyday at work. I am well-read. I follow CNN newsfeed on social media and loves watching documentaries. I love travelling. I can speak with confidence and smitten anyone with my charming genuine smile, but I suck on writing.
After checking the CELBAN site that test dates and locations will be posted soon, I decided to seek your help. I promised to work hard. I borrowed all the IELTS materials I could borrow from our public library. But, I have nightmares on writing. So, could you please help me prepare for the test? I need your guidance.
Thank you for your time and I hope to talk to you soon.

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1G How can I practice speaking with [CELBANPrep]?

Dear KIM
I don’t know how to leave the comment ,, so I choose to leave here ;) sorry;
I am an one of the desperate international nurses who need celban score.
I tried IELTS couple of times, but my writing was never getting better.. and I am a terrible writer in my first language as well.
I was almost frustrated,,but I found hope in the CELBAN..
And I was one comment about a nurse who took ielts 7times(?) and success CELBAN..
I am living in Toronto where has no celban prep school.
so I was about to apply in Vancouver,, but I have to spend too much extra money for accommodation…etc..However I thought that plan because of speaking…
To practice speaking , I thought I have meet people..
but I guess this site has only online class, don’t you?
How can I practice speaking with this ? I am an Asian,, I am very weak at speaking and writing. I couldn’t find any solution yet..
If you can help and I don’t have to go to Vancouver, I would be very happy TT
I am planning to take test either Oct or Nov..
I prefer Oct than Nov though..
If I study with you, what month is appropriate ?
Please reply me. I am willing to do everything I can do to get a score.
Thank you, Jane

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When should I take CELBANPrep; are you still deciding?

Hi Kim.. I’ve been worried about how the test set up would be if I take my second try.. Do they give same questions in writing listening and reading as what I had in my first try? Q.

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I don’t have Paypal nor credit card that’s why I can’t avail [CELBANPrep] yet.

Dear Kim,

At the moment I don’t have Paypal nor
credit card that’s why I can’t avail yet. But I’ll go to my bank
this weekend for that matter.

Which should I take first: CELBANPrep Writing or Speaking?

Dear Kim,
 What can you suggest for me to avail first?
I’d like to avail the Course Bundle for speaking
and writing.
Thanks! 🙂

I will send you the websites that I’ve been using for listening practice [for the CELBAN].

Hi Kim,

Thank you for the lesson today.
I will try to practice as much as I can before the exam!!
I will send you the websites that I’ve been using for listening practice.

♥ I’m been through a lot of disappointments, depressions, heartache whatever you called it..

Dear Kim,
Thank you very much for your quick response. I really appreciate your interest in our story, I felt relief when I am writing you my story,just to know that someone out thre who really wants to help us and hear us is more than enough.
I always read your blog and get some lesson and idea ,thanks again.
I am from Philippines an RN,  and  was working also in Saudi Arabia for 16 years. I’m been through a lot of dessapointments, depressions, heartache whatever you called it. I and my family landed in Ontario,  as immigrant ,because my uncle was there we just visited him before coming here in Calagary. I am fully aware that as immigrant we have to upgrade our profession here in Canada,but not as we expected that it is hard for us to do so.Especially our english exam which they have a high passing mark ,like they want us to be perfect , which is for me is not in reality. I spoke to several Filipino nurses and this is also one of there problem to pass the english exam. I toke IELTS twice ,I passed the speaking but always low in  writing,I had CELBAN last 2010 but unfortunately my writing again is low. I know that my weakness is writing even before ,but I know also it is not a hindrance to be a nurse here in Canada. The medium of communication in Saudi Arabia is english and I dont have any problem there for 16 years,I’m just wondering why here in Canada we have difficulty reaching our dream to be a nurse. I am now at this time on the process of registering in CNO as Practical nurse, I will take the english exam as one of my requirement. I’ve been through a lot of processing my paper ,I try CARNA but because of english exam ,I decided not to continue, I try  studying in Bow Valley College ,again I quit because I am really stressed out from work to study, to family obligation and besides studying in Bow Valley is really stressful. I am really frustrated but I have to stand in the ground because of my husband and son and one more year I will be 5 years out of my profession as a nurse,thats why I really need to pass the CELBAN this time otherwise its an end. I think i have to redo (my CELBAN)all because that is the new policy of all the nursing body here in Canada ,if you fail one you have to redo all.
   Again Kim thank you very much and may GOD BLESS you more and more. G