In the beginning, I don’t know how to do or use paypal

Dear Kim,
I’m sorry if I was hesitant to give information at first and I did not try to subscribe before, especially during your sale on CELBANprep. That time I’m not yet decided if I will pursue my nursing profession or not, here in Canada, because of this English language fluency requirement, I find it difficult & I thought to give up. But then, I realized if I will try to study maybe somehow I’ll make it,that’s why I tried to read free study guides but it seems it is not enough & i have to learn more. In the beginning, I don’t know how to do or use paypal, besides other prices are unaffordable for me. I am new here & I’m still unemployed. It was my first  time & I just tried to have & use paypal the day you give a sale for reading & listening skills for $19.99, & it works well.
Thank you very much.
Regards, M

Dear M,I so appreciate that you took the time to write. Many people are hesitant. Others, like you are uncertain about the future. It is difficult to stand at a crossroad and decide. But it is important to commit to the decision once it is made. You are right, the English proficiency is difficult, and this is only the first step. So it is good to take time to decide: so you can be sure this is the direction you want to go into.

I am also glad you took the risk on the study bundle. Many people want the help and need the help but are not willing to take the risk. The fact that you did speaks to your courage. You are a brave person.


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