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📋2G* How to Create an Outline for an Incident Report in 5 minutes for CELBAN Writing

Update 2021

Dear Friends,

How long does it take you to mind map or brainstorm a comprehensive list of details to add into an incident report? 

I want you to do that:

  • Take out your computer or a piece of paper and a pen.
  • Set a timer. 
  • Start brainstorming/mind mapping as many details as you can think of to write in an incident report. 

Here is the writing prompt. 

65 year old male patient found on the floor by the elevator with IV pole.

When you are done, come back to this post. 

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♦ I took IELTS exam 3 times. Then I took Celban. I pass the exam. I am now a LPN

Good afternoon Kim, My name is R, I am one of your student in dear kim. I would like to thank you for all your guidance and support in my writing. Though, I felt so bad whenever I check my writing there were lots colours for corrections- but for this corrections I improved and felt confident in doing an incident report. Honestly, I took IELTS exam 3 times, unfortunately I didn’t meet the score that they were requiring me to reach. Then I took Celban, first attempt I failed. Somehow, you gave me a chance to open my account in your website and from that point I practice and practice until I got the confidence to overcome my fear of writing. Luckily, I got a schedule last Sept…,2013 for CELBAN exam … and I pass the exam. Kim, you put a mark in achieving my nursing career here in Canada. Thank you, R

Sent October 2nd.

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§ Why do we need to add temperature unit [when writing a medical report for the CELBAN?]


Why do we need to add temperature unit must and other units not? For example:

  • Vitals: PR 88, RR 20, BP 110/70, T 36.7 C.


♦Thank you for understanding our pains and struggles.

Hi Kim,
Thank you again. You made the  right in decision in choosing Dia as one of your coach. And I wanted to say thank you also to her.
I failed in Celban before, but I said I’m going to try again. And when I enrolled in your class, I know I will be learning all that I needed to pass the exam. It was indeed an experience.
I didn’t meet you in person yet, just once during the webinar session but I will say it again, I know you know it already, and a lot of IEN’s have told you this, but you are such a very trust worthy person. Thank you for this kind of review that you have. This is the answer to our search for something that can help us to go to the very first step of attaining our goal in this country. Thank you for understanding our pains and struggles. This is just my first step, but I know I am going there.. It is still a long process but I will never give up.
When CELAS gave me a seat for the exam I grab it and  a week before, I go through all your e-mails in my inbox … I don’t know but I needed something where I can get more strength and I ask to HIM to please give it to me this time.
God bless your pure and kind heart Kim. More power to your staff. Please dont get tired but I know your job is not easy and you get tired too. I pray for you,.. More strength and healthy body and more dreams to be fulfilled in your life and your love ones. Kim, every knowledge or information that you share and teach is an enlightenment for me..
Thank you, thank you so much. I will keep in touch with you, by making sure that every IEN’s that I meet they must have to know you and your team.
You take care always and thank you so much Kim.

♫ Thank you kim, I like the way i learn English [in CELBANPrep Writing] from you.

Thank you kim, I like the way i learn English from you.


I am glad, L. Thank you for mentioning it. What do you like about how I teach English?

Also, in reading this now I am wondering if you would grant me permission to post it on my blog, Dear Kim, so people can learn from you how to find a job in Canada? If you do, would you like me to write your name, or just your initial?

♫ I thought that it is impossible to fix .. You are the only one who told me how to fix it

Dear T,

I wanted to take a moment to comment on your writing [for your CELBAN writing tutoring]. I enjoyed reading this. I love to travel too. I am sorry your mother was sick, when you went home. But I am certain she was glad to have you there when she was not feeling well.
In your writing I can see that a weakness is with phrases. You will want to spend some time learning collocations, verbal phrases and other phrases. See the links for advanced grammar and speaking resources. See if you can access these.
Have a great weekend!

♥ I’m still struggling with my grammar


I’m really sorry if I’m still struggling with my grammar. I will keep on reading online lectures to succeed. Again,thank you. M

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♥ Dreams for you

Dear Friend,

There are times when I work on the computer, that I listen to music. I was just listening to the song Dreams for You, by Susan Aglukark reading a comment by a subscriber to CELBANPrep Writing. She had taken the CELBAN, and failed the writing section. Now with the help of a Writing Coach during the Writing Tutoring she has improved in her ability to write detailed reports in 20 minutes.  After reading one assignment I asked, “So how did that go? Was it comparable to writing for the exam? How was your timing?”

She replied

Yes, it’s really like the one in the exam.

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♫ CELBANPrep Writing Tutoring: I am grateful that someone is actually checking my work.

Dear Friend,

With the CELBANPrep Writing Course IENs are matched with a Writing Coach for Writing Tutoring. Writing Coaches work with individuals, giving personalized feedback so that IENs taking the CELBAN can turn their weaknesses into strengths. Here is what I asked one IEN, and what she had to say about the CELBAN Writing Tutoring:

Great job!
L, can you take a moment to tell me what you have learned about … identifying your own personal errors? What are your weaknesses and how can you turn them to strengths? Also, what has it been like working with [your Writing Coach]?

HOPE !! I PASSED the CELBAN… without taking CELBANPrep, I would have definitely failed.

Dear Kim,

I got my Celban Result..  “I PASSED…” I am soo happy.. I am sure that, if I went for the exam without taking CelbanPrep, I would have definitely failed. I remember your words to another candidate.. for every success, ‘God’s grace, your help and my effort should be there’.. Yes I follow that and I got it… Thank you so much Kim, I have no words to express my feelings.. Group calling helped me to understand a lot..  Your one on one consultant was excellent.. and that gave me confidence to face the exam,,, writing section was awesome, I read others’ writings and the way you, Dia and Reids corrected it, thank you so much Dia for supporting me. I haven’t get any chance to meet Reids.. As you may know, this was my crucial time, and my work permit is expired.
This was one of my best decisions
I have ever made in my life
..and you will always be in my mind as one of my favorite teachers, I dont know how you look, but I have a beautiful picture of you in my mind.. I recommend this Celban Prep to all nurses who want to become a Canadian nurse…  Once again thank you so much for your support and help.. Thanking You.
Your Sincerely,

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