♫ Thank you kim, I like the way i learn English [in CELBANPrep Writing] from you.

Thank you kim, I like the way i learn English from you.


I am glad, L. Thank you for mentioning it. What do you like about how I teach English?

Also, in reading this now I am wondering if you would grant me permission to post it on my blog, Dear Kim, so people can learn from you how to find a job in Canada? If you do, would you like me to write your name, or just your initial?

Dear Kim, if you post my writing on your blog, i would be very happy. You can put my name on it. Kim, I said I like the way learn English from you. Actually there are many reasons, first of all, I learn English in details. You give me a lot of  useful suggestions I ignored or I do not know.Every time before I post my writing, I check it again and again. I think there is no mistakes at all. However, I made many. You have very bright eyes, even one of my punctuation is wrong, it cannot escape from your eyes. Second of all,  I learn from others’ writings….. new words, fresh ideas, slang and so on. Last but not least, you have a strict standard to instruct everyone’s CELBAN studying process. If they are there, you will inform them. It will be the time when they are ready to take the important test. I hope someday I can match your standard and then I would register the test.

Best regards

Dear Lijuan,

Thank you for the permission. I am certain that your experience will help many people who are thinking of coming to Canada. It will also serve as a motivator for people who know they need to work on their English but are not focusing on it.
It takes great humility and honesty to admit one’s weaknesses. It is your strength for you to admit that there were things you knew but ignored, and other things you had not learned yet.
I am amused and smiled as I read about your process, before you post your assignments. After reading many thesis’s with spelling/typing/grammar errors I was determined to make sure mine had none. I read it again and again. Some time after I printed it, and bound it, I read it again. And there they were: glaring out at me ~ my own errors!
I appreciate your comment about my bright eyes picking out even a small punctuation error. I promise you the people who will be marking your CELBANPrep Writing reports will have the same ability. So it is good that you appreciate my standards, as you call them because my goal is to teach you how to have the same bright eyes when you read your own work. That is how to pass the CELBAN.I promise, if you practice, and we work together in partnership, you will pass the exam.
I love the CELBANPrep Writing learning community… I am glad you appreciate it too!  Lasting friendships have started at CELBANPrep!

4 responses to “♫ Thank you kim, I like the way i learn English [in CELBANPrep Writing] from you.

  1. Dear Kim,
    I am reading your message with smile face. Actually, I rarely have this feeling recently due to extremely stress with Celban examination preparation. You brightened my day with your response. I believe you will be the significant person to guide me to pass this exam.
    Sorry for forgetting to answer your question since I am so excited. I am from Singapore,but I am original from China.
    I would like to talk with you and do appropriate for you providing the link of resources for learning.
    Do you mind I ask you do you have any short preparation courses for this exam? And where it will be hold if you have it? I am planning to take one Celban preparation course in coming year as I am studying one Oncology Specialist course this year.
    Glad to read your message and wish to hear from you soon.
    Yours sincerely,

  2. Dear Kim,
    I am so glad to read your commons this morning. In fact, have never been heard this CELBAN words before, but I want to work in Canada as RN , they said I have to pass it or IELTS . So , I just wanted to get more information from Internet .Thanks GOD for guiding me meet you here . But I wonder do you have any CELBAN preparation course ? Maybe I can join it . I reckon it could be the best way for me to prepare this exam .
    Have a wonderful day .

    Have a

    • Dear Emma,
      From where do you hail? (Where do you live?)
      There are very few people who use the phrase, “I reckon”, and yet you used it correctly!

      I am glad you found my blog, and that God guided you to it. Did you enjoy reading the messages? Did you check out the Quick Pick for the IELTS or CELBAN? These links are on the right side of the page. Please go to http://www.celban,info for free resources and http://www.celbanprep.info for information about the courses.
      You have a wonderful day, as well, Emma!

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