CT4 THE DISILLUSIONED DREAMER – ♥ I don’t have the confident, I feel that I will fail [the CELBAN]

Updated this week


Hi Kim,thanks to google I was able to found you.i read a lot of your blog articles  for dear Kim.i’m now encourage to take my celban exam.i took my ielts once last year, my score was as follows Listening-6,reading-4.5,writing 5.5,speaking-6.0.from that time I didn’t have anymore interest to take again.because I’m afraid to fail,I feel also that I would not be able to pass.i wanted to try celban last year but I keep on postponing,I don’t have the confident,I feel that I will fail,I even thought that I would not pass.now I want CELBANPrep. Hope to hear from you Best regards L..


Dear  L, I am grateful to google, to, for you finding me. Thank you for letting me know that you read my blog articles. That is why I created them in the first place, so that you could read my replies and find encouragement. I have to tell you, I love getting messages from people, like you, who are discouraged. Why? This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cpu-ct4-articles.pngBecause there are two things I love:

1) providing encouragement,

2) witnessing change.

I love that simply by reading these messages that you have shifted from postponing your exam preparations from a fear of failing to being encouraged. But you are wise, and are taking steps to avoid falling into the CELBAN Trap! 

  • You know your scores are low compared to what is required.
  • You are looking for support.
  • You are willing to do the work.
  • You are ready to start now!

That is a great combination!

In seeing your scores I highly recommend you getting a bundle that you start with the CELBANPrep Grammar Series. Identify your weaknesses when it comes to nouns, articles, verbs, and verbals (idioms) with the free pre-test. I created these resources especially for people like you, with a score of 5 in writing. (www.grammar.celbanprep.info)

You see, L, when I first created CELBANPrep I was working at a career centre and my clients came to me asking for CELBAN resources. There were none, so because of my Master in Education I got a second contract and started creating resources and teaching a class. Once I started teaching CELBAN Preparation classes and courses online, I realized people needed a coach for speaking and writing. So, I added coaching into my services. What became apparent was the kind of mistakes – weaknesses – IENs had. It didn’t matter where they were from, the weaknesses were the same. So, I created individual resources: one to address each weakness.

Most grammar books, most learning English books put everything together all in one book; but, it was important to me to focus intensely on one weakness at a time. If a person is weak with articles, that is all they need. If a person has a strength with punctuation then they don’t need that part! So why pay for it? Why even have it? – That is how education is different in Canada. We focus on the needs of the individual! – Having an intense focus increases the ability to truly understand how to transform the weakness into a strength.

Using the Grammar Suite will allow you to progress more quickly than if you did not have these extra resources! That is why I created them, and that is what happened for people that used the CELBANPrep Grammar Series while preparing for the CELBAN! (www.grammar.celbanprep.info)

Consider getting a coach or tutor that applies the CELBANPrep Method, to review your writing, to identify your weaknesses, and to review your work once you have integrated the feedback. The more you enter this cycle of learning, the better you will get at identifying your won mistakes and correcting them your self without assistance. That is the main goal of the CELBANPrep Method.

How is that for a start?

Sincerely, Kim

Learn the Secret to Success. Explore CELBANPrep University. 

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