What is the best way to increase my GRAMMAR and sentence structure for the CELBAN?

Here are some effective ways to improve your grammar and sentence structure for the Canadian English Language Benchmark Assessment for Nurses (CELBAN):

  1. Study English grammar rules: Study the basics of English grammar, including verb tenses, subject-verb agreement, sentence structures, and punctuation. There are many online resources and textbooks available that can help you improve your understanding of English grammar. Grammar Essentials Series, available internationally on Amazon, has been created specifically for Internationally Educated Health Professionals seeking to improve both their speaking and writing skills. All examples are medical, having been written by IENs enrolled at CELBANPrep.
  2. Practice writing: Writing regularly will help you improve your sentence structure and grammar. Try writing short paragraphs, essays, or even journal entries to practice forming clear and well-structured sentences. A weekly lesson plan is available in the CELBAN Writing Preparation Guide, and in Wonderful Writing (CELBANPrep GOLD.)
  3. Read extensively: Reading English materials, such as books, news articles, and other written materials, will help you develop an eye for the language and improve your grammar and sentence structure. Use the tools suggested in the CELBAN Reading Preparation Guide to ensure that you are reading material that is challenging enough. Also, when you become an OPEN student with CELBANPrep’s Silver Bundle, you will have access to reading material that increases in difficulty level as you progress in your skills and abilities.
  4. Take an English course: Consider taking an English course to improve your language skills and focus specifically on grammar and sentence structure. You can do this yourself with CELBANPrep Silver, or through Wonderful Writing, which is in the CELBANPrep GOLD bundle.
  5. Seek feedback: Share your writing with others and ask for feedback on your grammar and sentence structure. This could be a teacher, tutor, or someone who is proficient in English. At CELBANPrep University One-on-One coaching is available for those who have enrolled in CELBANPrep GOLD. ( (Sold Separately. Limited Availability.)
  6. Use resources and tools: There are many online resources and tools, such as grammar checkers and writing software, that can help you identify and correct grammar and sentence structure errors. But, it is important to know the rules first, to ensure that you are being guided correctly. Start with the resources suggested in #1 before accessing the grammar checkers and writing software.
  7. Practice speaking: Improving your speaking skills can help improve your grammar and sentence structure. Consider speaking with a tutor or taking a speaking course to practice and refine your language skills. Hiring a coach for one-on-one sessions as a companion to your CELBANPrep GOLD bundle allows you to improve your writing and speaking all at once!

Remember, improving your grammar and sentence structure takes time and consistent effort, but with persistence and dedication, you can achieve your goal of passing the CELBAN.

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