My CELBANPrep 2016 New Years Resolutions!!!!

  1. Make CELBANPrep More Affordable
  2. Make CELBANPrep More Accessible

I already clear my NCLEX..I am worry about my laungage exam

Hello..I am good.It is nice in regina.I am from India.I live here from last 10 months.This is my first place in canada .I have 7 in CLB.I never give celban before.I already clear my Nclex RN exam in november 2nd 2015 .I am worry about my laungage exam because my application process expied in december 2016 before i have to clear it.I hope i will pass exam. my regulatory body is CNO.if you help me in i really appriciate that. A.

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NNAS: After all the documents submitted how long it takes to get the evaluation results?

NNASHi Kim. How are you! I got so interested with the conversation you have on this site. My wife used to work as a nurse in Saudi Arabia and she’s already here with me in Canada. She had already her Account for NNAS and she just missing to documents wich is the identity and English proficiency. After all the documents submitted how long it takes to get the evaluation results? Can you Please give us also an idea what are the things we need to do regarding this application. E.

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I am just like the many that you have encountered… with not so much resources and finances, but with very big dreams

Hello Kim,

First of all, I would like to thank you for the helpful info that you have given others which I have browsed in your sites.  I, too, have similar situations and concerns like many IENS here in Canada trying to pursue their nursing profession.

I am from the Philippines. I am registered nurse back home with clinical experience of about 4 years. I arrived here in Calgary last January of this year, together with my family.

Yes, I have recently taken the CLBPT.  My scores are as follow: (7)listening, (8) speaking, (8) reading, (7) writing.

I have not taken any english exams before (IELTS/CELBAN).  I plan to take CELBAN very soon.  I would just like to know if I can take my CELBAN first, then once I successfully have my results, I plan to apply for the NNAS.  Its the time period that I am after here because as you are very much aware of getting a CELBAN slot is quite always on the fully booked status.  As with the NNAS, its about a year period that I must complete the process so as to avoid additional fees for extension. And the CELBAN score is part of its requirements.

I am looking forward to any valuable info from you that can assist me in my test taking  CELBAN.  I am just like the many that you have encountered who are at the starting point in Canada with not so much resources and finances, but with very big dreams to fulfill here in Canada.  I love it here for sure!

Thanks. C.

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I didn’t take any English Exam because I’m too afraid I’m might get failed.

Hi Kim!!
It’s nice knowing some people having concern in building up dreams and success of one’s life. Though we don’t know each other physically but still the inner connection is there. so blessed to have you as one of my angel in reaching those dreams. All is well Kim, still overwhelmed with the recent blessings I got from Him and that’s passing the RPN exam, God works really in a very mysterious way.He knows my passion ever since, helping the needy that needs medical attention. However Kim, still can’t do registration because I still have outstanding requirements to comply on which are the language proficiency in English and having Permanent residency.i came to Canada under live in caregiver program and working already for 20 months,patiently waiting for another four more months so I can apply already my open permit along with the permanent residency. Thank you Lord!🙏. By the way Kim, still I didn’t take any English Exam because I’m too afraid I’m might get failed. I know in myself that it’s one of my Waterloo,but,deeply in my heart it’s not yet too late for everything. I’m willing and very much interested to learn whatever it takes along the way. I’m trying to browse every site as much as I can that will surely help me and will not cost me at all and this is it,I found you!!😇. thank you in advance Kim for spending time with me. May God bless you abundantly!–S

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i don’t have any CELBAN score neither I attend a course

Hiya Kim

Am doing good madam am from India .i was in swift current since 1year,this is my first place ever in Canada .i don’t have any CELBAN score neither I attent a course.i just had a crash course of ielts in India ,but couldn’t get an opportunity to give a test..after coming to Canada in nnas I just read about ,so I think celban suits for me better than ielts because I don’t have that much of general knowledge. in celban it’s all based on our nursing profession ,so I feel some comfort zone about the subject because I love medical field and interested to study more.but I think I need more and more practice for the positive results.i just searched out some coaching class in swift current ,but couldn’t find.i don’t know how can I practice it .H

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Can I apply to NNAS without CELBAN?

Hi Kim,

Can I apply to nnas without celban my exam is in august,what is the right time because process time is 12 months and they want fresh results not older than 6 months. A

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I am heartbroken with my [failed] ielts results three times

HI Kim,i am IEN from india ,i have not started preparing yet I need your support please guide from the initial step. you know I am heartbroken with my ielts results three time after coming to Canada.I know with your guidance and encouragement I will able to study hard.waiting eagerly for your response. A.

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