HOPE !! I PASSED the CELBAN… without taking CELBANPrep, I would have definitely failed.

Dear Kim,

I got my Celban Result.. ย “I PASSED…” I am soo happy.. I am sure that, if I went for the exam without taking CelbanPrep, I would have definitely failed. I remember your words to another candidate.. for every success, ‘God’s grace, your help and my effortย should beย there’.. Yes I follow that and I got it… Thank you so much Kim, I have no words to express my feelings..ย Group calling helped me to understand a lot..ย ย Your one on one consultant was excellent.. and that gave me confidence to face the exam,,, writing section was awesome, I read others’ writings and the way you, Dia and Reids corrected it, thank you so much Dia for supporting me. I haven’t get any chance to meet Reids.. As you may know, this was my crucial time, and my work permit is expired.
This was one of my bestย decisions
I have ever made in my life
..and you will always be in my mind as one of my favorite teachers, I dont know how you look, but I have a beautiful picture of you in my mind..ย I recommend this Celban Prep to all nurses who want to become a Canadian nurse… ย Once again thank you so much for your support and help.. Thanking You.
Your Sincerely,

portrait of a young woman standing with arms akimbo in a parkDear S,

From the first moment I met you I knew that you had within you what it takes to make a good life and a good living in Canada. Your persistence, your determination, and your willingness to work hard came together to create this wonderful outcome. These characteristics will make all the difference as you work towards becoming a nurse in Canada.

I appreciate your comments about the one-on-one support you received during the CELBANPrep Writing and Speaking Courses. Helping people to turn their weaknesses into strengths is so very enjoyable, and I love talking with people during the conference calls and the one-on-one phone calls. More than anything, I appreciate your comments about Dia and Rieds, CELBANPrep’s new writing coaches. As Internationally Educated Nurses who have taken CELBANPrep and the CELBAN both understand the challenges and struggles with being an immigrant working towards the dream of being a nurse in Canada. So your comments are so very wonderful!

It is amazing the connections I feel with the people I “meet” through CELBANPrep, and how I too look forward to meeting people in person. Reading your message filled my hears, and put a smile on my face. As Rieds would say, “Inshalla.” Meaning, God willing we will meet. And when we do it will be a joyous celebration!” As for what I look like, a beautiful spirit easily recognizes a beautiful spirit. We Canadians are so fortunate that you are willing to work so hard to become a nurse here in Canada to help us take care of our family and loved ones! Thank you. Thank you for your courage. Thank you for your determination. Thank you for your faith. Thank you for taking a risk, and subcribing to CELBANPrep so that I could “meet” you, and get to know you better.

Please stay in touch, as you progress on your exciting journey!

3 responses to “HOPE !! I PASSED the CELBAN… without taking CELBANPrep, I would have definitely failed.

  1. Dear S.,

    I am so happy to hear that you’ve passed the exam!CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have to celebrate it, for sure! It wasn’t that easy, right?
    Looking at your picture, eventhough you are fragile, I can see you as an energetic, an optimistic, an enthusiastic and full of energy person. Kim is right when she says: “Your persistence, your determination, and your willingness to work hard came together to create this wonderful outcome.” You deserve this victory dear S.! And these are the attributes that a person needs when it comes to realizing and fulfilling a dream. Great job S!
    It was a pleasure working with you S. Thank you so much for your kind words: ” and you will always be in my mind as one of my favorite teachers “. I am so happy that I/we could help you and thinking that this was your “crucial time”, it makes me feel even happier knowing that I have a tiny slice from your big cake.
    I wish you a smooth path from now on because is quite a way till you’ll realize your dream!

    All the best S.!

  2. Hi Kim, i just gave my RPN Exam on 9th jan.i would like to go with CELBAN rather than IELTS but i saw there is no seats available for CELBAN. Only two centres here one in Toranto and Hamilton and they are full.please Kim help me how to get out the situation.
    Kind Regards,

    • Dear M,
      Thanks for writing and asking. In order to help you I will refer you back to the Dear Kim website to view the topics: IELTS of CELBAN and WARNING about the CELBAN.
      When you read, WARNING about the CELBAN you will see that it is actually good that the seats are filled, to give you time to prepare. You will find out why this is a gift.
      As for seats being filled, people apply for the CELBAN exam and are put on a waiting list. So when the dates are chosen in November for January to June, and in June for September to December, the first two months are usually filled up immediately.
      What I recommend is doing all you can to ensure you are ready for the exam, and that means being able to get a 10 in listening. This is the biggest limiting factor for people passing the exam, and it takes time, with 30 minutes of practice per day minimum, to increase the listening score.

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