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1G Horaaaaaaaaay, I did it [wrote a perfect report for CELBAN Writing] in 20 minutes

Updated 2021

Dear Friend,

Every once in a while I post a report written by an IEN for CELBAN Writing during the CELBANPrep Writing Level One and Two . Today I am posting this sample to show you that it is possible to write a complete, detailed and organized report in 20 minutes. This one was posted with only one small error. Here is my comment:

Wow, R! Β … Perfect!Β How was the timing? She replied:

Dear Kim

Horaaaaaaaaay, I did it in 20 minutes… IΒ hope that I can do it in a real exam.

Check out the report she wrote! Notice how complete it is. Can you write a report like this, and have it this organized, in 20 minutes or less? ~Kim


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2G* Β§ How would you correct this sentence? CELBAN Writing: Report Writing

Update 2021

Dear Friends,

This comes from a posted assignment, for the CELBANPrep Writing Level Two How would you correct it?

On July 19thΒ at 20:30H, at St. Matthews Hospital, Kim Sapno, 14 year old girl admitted in emergency room accompanied by her mother. She had a complained of right lower abdominal pain.

Try rewriting these sentences before you click on read more to see some of my suggestions. Which do you prefer and why?

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2G* How to Create an Outline for an Incident Report in 5 minutes for CELBAN Writing

Update 2021

Dear Friends,

How long does it take you to mind map or brainstorm a comprehensive list of details to add into an incident report? 

I want you to do that:

  • Take out your computer or a piece of paper and a pen.
  • Set a timer. 
  • Start brainstorming/mind mapping as many details as you can think of to write in an incident report. 

Here is the writing prompt. 

65 year old male patient found on the floor by the elevator with IV pole.

When you are done, come back to this post. 

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8G*☺ You always makes me feel more confident and less stressful

Updated this week

Here is an example of an incident report written by an Internationally Educated Nurse who completed CELBANPrep online course: CELBAN Writing Task 1 and CELBAN Writing Task 1. (She used CELBANPrep Writing One, and accessed Writing Coaching through CELBANPrep University.)  This is the result after several revisions. What follows is a discussion between me and the IEN who wrote the report.

Here is an example of an incident report...

Incident: 75 year old man found on the floor

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1G* CELBAN Writing Task 2: How would you correct this? (Medical Collocations)

Updated 2021

Dear Friend

June 10, 2021 at 10 am. Sara, a 14 y/o girl who had been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, came to clinic with her mother. She complained of dizziness and feeling of fatigue.

What are the correct collocations for the sentence in purple? How would you correct it? There are several ways of doing it. Test your knowledge of medical collocations.

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β™« CELBAN Writing Reports: whenever I do [CELBANPrep] writing exercises… my brain just works miracles.

Updated 2021

Honestly I had a tough time with Lesson 4. It took me 10 minutes to finish the task but you were right, EVERYDAY PRACTICE MAKES A DIFFERENCE.
 Now, maximum of 15-16 minutes to make a report.

1G* Can I see a Sample of a CELBAN Prep Writing?

Dear Friend,

There are a couple of things most Internationally Educated Nurses want to know about CELBAN Writing Task 2:

  • How to write a report?
  • What a CELBAN Writing Sample for Task 2 looks like?
  • How does the CELBANPrep Writing Lessons work?
  • How do I improve writing in preparing for the CELBAN?

Following is a sample of writing from an Internationally Educated Nurse who took CELBANPrep Writing. Here you will see how CELBANPrep Writing helps each person to identify what is slowing them down, standing in their way, or stopping them from achieving their goals.

Writing Prompt: client was lying on the floor; conscious, panting, perspiration; vitals unstable; black -out slumped, blood sugar level, blood work

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1G* Every correction makes me better with my computer skills: CELBAN writing sample

Update 2021

Dear Friend,

I often get requests from people for two things:

  • a sample of CELBAN Writing Task 2 and
  • sample questions for CELBAN Writing.

One of the things that I do is I teach my nurses how to create their own questions. That way they have an endless supply to write and speak about. 

(That is in Lesson one of CELBANPrep Writing Lesson One.)

For this reason it bothers me when people give the textbooks that are available on Amazon a low rating. Their comments show:

  1. They did not follow the instructions in the lesson.
  2. They think that they way they have been preparing for the IELTS should be the way they prepare for the CELBAN. They are wrong. 

The CELBANPrep Method teaches Internationally Educated Nurses how to teach themselves. It teaches them how to create an endless supply of writing prompts. 

So, I was so very impressed with the efforts of one of my Internationally Educated Nurses.

Often people come to CELBANPrep with fears and apprehension about using technology. Often this slows people down, stands in their way, or stops them from obtaining their dreams. A lack of computer skills and comfort with a computer also stops some people from subscribing to the online CELBANPrep courses. And that is a big problem for those who will be writing the CELBAN CBT, the computer based test available online.


Earlier this year I met an IEN who has faced many challenges when it comes to using a computer. What is amazing is that she has been willing to learn. So I have been giving her extra challenges, to help her develop confidence in her computer skills. 

I thought I would share with you what she did when she was creating a mindmap of information for CELBAN Writing Task 2. This she could then use to create a report. 

Here you can see for yourself not only the assignment and improvements made through the integration of feedback, but also read some of the comments both she and I have written.



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Update 2021

Dear Friend

Want to know more about preparing for the IELTS? How does it differ from the CELBAN? I just found this video. It has been created by Australia Network: Study English Series.

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