2G* How to Create an Outline for an Incident Report in 5 minutes for CELBAN Writing

How to Create an Outline for an Incident Report in 5 minutes for CELBAN Writing

65 year old male patient found on the floor by the elevator with IV pole.


  • 65 year old male patient found on the floor by the elevator with IV pole.
  • IV dislodged, a pool of blood found on the floor from IV site.
  • A loud noise.
  • No smell.


  • LOC : unconscious, PEARL.
  • Vital signs taken: PR 120, RR 24, BP 90/50, T 36.7 C, blood sugar 3mmol.
  • Head to toe: no lacerations, no head injuries, IV dislodged and bleeding.

Medical intervention

  • Called for assistance.
  • Transferred  to bed.
  • pressure applied on IV site.
  • Physician notified.
  • Orders carried out: IVF 5%D started at another site, 10% Dextrose 4 ampules IV bolus given, brain CT scan.


  • Incident report filled.
  • Vital signs and blood sugar closely monitored.


  •  Pt conscious, talking.
  • Vitals normal, blood sugar 9mmol.

I took 5 minutes.


Nurse Behind Intravenous TubeExcellent details… in five minutes. This is most excellent!

N, can you tell me how Writing Level One prepared you for writing incident reports in 20 minutes?

Hi Kim,

I have to say lesson 1-4 are the preparation of brain for the easy flow of ideas. That make level two more easier and fast. We have only a short amount of time to finish the incident report. Inorder to finish the incident report within the scheduled time, the ideas should come fast. So lesson 1-4 are very important!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you



Dear N,

Thank you so much for answering my question. I know that you worked really hard on Writing Level One, following the instructions for lessons 1-4 before passing the Mid Session Evaluation so that you could go on to Writing Level Two, lessons 5-8. It took you a while and lots of work but you were persistent about learning how to identify your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. And I am so proud of how far you have come. There are those who take CELBANPrep and are annoyed or frustrated with Writing Level One, lessons 1-4. They are frustrated because they are writing about their lives and interests and not about reports. They read the lessons, and might submit an assignment or two, but never really understand that I am teaching time management as a test taking strategy.
But you, you were willing to trust me, my methods, and the process. You were willing to work hard with your writing coach. You were willing to practice, practice, practice. And now you have been able to create an incident report with such great details in 5 minutes! That is so impressive. Sure it is because of what I taught you, but you were the one who did it! And now you will be an inspiration to others who read your report on Dear Kim.
I am so very pleased that you have learned a very important skill, preparing your mind so that you can generate ideas in an organized fashion in such a short amount of time. There are many that get to CELBANPrep Level Two that can complete an outline of an incident report with only a few details. This is both tremendous and remarkable. So please, N. Do something to celebrate your great achievement!

2 responses to “2G* How to Create an Outline for an Incident Report in 5 minutes for CELBAN Writing

  1. Hi Kim, do u have a sample of incident report, how to write an incident report

    • Dear Sim,

      Thanks for your question. All of the samples I have for Incident Reports are within CELBANPrep Writing Level Two. They are part of a systematic program created to identify your weaknesses and turn them into strengths so that you get an acceptable score on CELBAN Writing. This can take two months, if you have a 7 in IELTS, or more if you have a lower score.

      Does this help?


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