1G Horaaaaaaaaay, I did it [wrote a perfect report for CELBAN Writing] in 20 minutes

Updated 2021

Dear Friend,

Every once in a while I post a report written by an IEN for CELBAN Writing during the CELBANPrep Writing Level One and Two . Today I am posting this sample to show you that it is possible to write a complete, detailed and organized report in 20 minutes. This one was posted with only one small error. Here is my comment:

Wow, R!  … Perfect! How was the timing? She replied:

Dear Kim

Horaaaaaaaaay, I did it in 20 minutes… I hope that I can do it in a real exam.

Check out the report she wrote! Notice how complete it is. Can you write a report like this, and have it this organized, in 20 minutes or less? ~Kim


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On March 22, 2012 at 3 pm, a mom shouted for help. Linda, a 5 y/o girl of bed #8, was found on the ground in her room. She was crying, and a sign of 2cm scratch was seen on her right knee; her IV line was dislodged, and a pool of blood and fluid was poured on the floor. Her mom expressed,” Linda was thirsty, I just went to bring her a glass of water; I forgot to raise the bed rails, and she fell down.” Head to toe assessment was done: she was pale, conscious and verbalized; she felt dizzy; she was crying and complaining of her knee’s pain 7 out of 10, where 1 as the least and 10 as the worst pain. Vitals were assessed: BP 80/50 mmHg, PR 110/min, RR 23/min, T 36.3 C. Dr. John was notified, his orders were carried out: a new IV line was inserted on the opposite hand; acetaminophen tab 200 mg PO stat was given, and repeated if pain> 6; brain CT Scan was taken to rule out head injury; X-Ray of her right knee was taken to rule out any fracture; her wound was cleaned and dressed. At 6 pm, she was totally conscious with no pain or dizziness. Vitals were BP 90/60 mmHg, PR 1oo/min, RR 20/min, T 36.9 C. The incident was reported to the supervisor. ………..R.RN

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Re-read this incident report. Pay attention to the advanced competencies this IEN has in creating clear communications in a nursing context for CELBAN Writing Task 2. NOTE:

  • skills with advanced punctuation, 
  • vitals signs,
  • pain scale, and
  • punctuation for quoting a witness.

CELBANPrep Writing is a proven method for preparing IENs for writing organized, complete, detailed and error free reports for CELBAN Writing in 20 minutes or less.  The new CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials series, in particular Advanced Punctuation, is an additional resource that makes all the difference in turning weaknesses into strengths!

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Start your preparations today! This miracle happened with practice, practice, practice!

Have a wonderful day!


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