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CELBAN Preparation in the UK and internationally

CELBAN Preparation in the UKDear Kim

My name is Q , my colleague and l would like to take the CELBAN test. Prior to taking or booking  for the exam we would like to practise and prepare ourselves.
We are registered nurses currently based in London, UK, we are interested in migrating over to Canada next year.We will  be very grateful if  you recommend some preparation resource materials ,also wanted to know which states run preparation workshop for the exams .We would like to take the test … but most centres are fully booked.Which state are you based and do you running any  preparation  classes?
Hope to hear from you soon. Q

$ I am [an IEN] working as a Continuing Care Assistance in a long term care facility [in Canada]

Dear Friends,

In reading the following posted assignment for CELBANPrep Writing Tutoring I realized that some of you might like to know what about a day in the life of a Continuing Care Assistant, also known as Nursing Attendant or Nursing Assistant in a longer term care facility. Here is a wonderful piece written by an IEN about her experience working in an unlicensed profession as a survival job while she is working on her process of becoming a nurse in Canada:

I am working as a Continuing Care Assistance in a long term care facility, which is subsidized by the Federal government. I would like to share with you our regular evening tasks in this facility.

♦ Thank you for your persistence in making sure I pass my exam or even get registered with CELBAN

Hi Kim,
Thank you for your persistence in making sure I pass my exam or even get registered with CELBAN. I truly appreciate you.
Kim, I do not want to write any exam and will not get the cut off points, keep writing until frustrated out of it. What can I do to get my points at once is the issue here. Since I entered the country, I have heard of many people’s failure rate and success which is more scaring. Can you be off help here. I’ve never failed an exam and don’t want to fail this.
Thank you for replying me as usual.

Yours sincerely,

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☼ it feels like theres something lacking on me… these makes me sad… sometimes feeling emptiness.

Hi Kim! Sorry for taking back so long to give you a message. As far as i’ve mentioned before im working as a Live in Caregiver and got my open work permit last December 2012 now i’ve started working as an HCA … but got in my thoughts in everytime i am giving a care to the Residents i am glad & enjoying with them but at the same time feels like theres something lacking on me because i can’t function as what i am doing before as a Nurse. These makes me sad on the other part and sometimes feeling emptiness. Can you please what advise you can give me i am now ready for a Review at you for CELBAN.

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♥ I’m been through a lot of disappointments, depressions, heartache whatever you called it..

Dear Kim,
Thank you very much for your quick response. I really appreciate your interest in our story, I felt relief when I am writing you my story,just to know that someone out thre who really wants to help us and hear us is more than enough.
I always read your blog and get some lesson and idea ,thanks again.
I am from Philippines an RN,  and  was working also in Saudi Arabia for 16 years. I’m been through a lot of dessapointments, depressions, heartache whatever you called it. I and my family landed in Ontario,  as immigrant ,because my uncle was there we just visited him before coming here in Calagary. I am fully aware that as immigrant we have to upgrade our profession here in Canada,but not as we expected that it is hard for us to do so.Especially our english exam which they have a high passing mark ,like they want us to be perfect , which is for me is not in reality. I spoke to several Filipino nurses and this is also one of there problem to pass the english exam. I toke IELTS twice ,I passed the speaking but always low in  writing,I had CELBAN last 2010 but unfortunately my writing again is low. I know that my weakness is writing even before ,but I know also it is not a hindrance to be a nurse here in Canada. The medium of communication in Saudi Arabia is english and I dont have any problem there for 16 years,I’m just wondering why here in Canada we have difficulty reaching our dream to be a nurse. I am now at this time on the process of registering in CNO as Practical nurse, I will take the english exam as one of my requirement. I’ve been through a lot of processing my paper ,I try CARNA but because of english exam ,I decided not to continue, I try  studying in Bow Valley College ,again I quit because I am really stressed out from work to study, to family obligation and besides studying in Bow Valley is really stressful. I am really frustrated but I have to stand in the ground because of my husband and son and one more year I will be 5 years out of my profession as a nurse,thats why I really need to pass the CELBAN this time otherwise its an end. I think i have to redo (my CELBAN)all because that is the new policy of all the nursing body here in Canada ,if you fail one you have to redo all.
   Again Kim thank you very much and may GOD BLESS you more and more. G

Hoping you could help me understand the Canadian culture and its implications to the CELBAN exam

Dear Kim,

Thank you for your generous response. I came here as a landed immigrant sponsored by my mother under the Live-In Caregiver program. Before I came here in Canada I already searched on how to become an RN here in Canada and one of the requirements was to pass the IELTS exam but unfortunately I failed, I agree with your statement in your page that overconfidence had detrimentals when taking examinations specially if a person is very complacent with his/her self the tendency is that he/she will be over relaxed and conceited. Well that serves as a lesson to me and I believe God has a purpose for that.

Since I already had my IELTS exam done in the Philippines I used this for me to enrol at Bow Valley as a LPN for IEN but due to its demand I got a  slot for summer 2013. I just consider Bow as my second option and I am still hoping I could pass another english exam with a much dignified score. Thinking of the amount of time I will be waiting I thought of practicing myself in reading, listening, writing and speaking most especially in English. My mom even laughs because we are used to speaking our dialect, but she is forced to speak even at home. Then, I heard about the CELBAN exam but when I visited the site celban.org it didn’t supply me ample information. With regards to canadian culture I have a minimal knowledge in that area since I only stayed here for a few months. Although, there are engine sites that are helpful in understanding there culture but I could not fully grasp since I have nobody to ask with regards to their experience specially those people working in the hospital setting.

Hoping you could help me understand deeper the Canadian culture and its implications to the CELBAN exam because I really wanted to pass this exam and most specially I don’t want to disappoint my mother because I want her to be proud of me.

Looking forward for your response. Mary

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I’m just 6 month in Canada and my CLB score is 5-6…

Dear Kim,

I’m an internationally Educated Nurse (I have gotten my education in three different countries: Uzbekistan, Israel and USA)
I have settled in part of  Atlantic Canada and started registration process with Nurses Association. One of the necessary documents that I have to provide is CELBAN or IELTS test. Unfortunately, there is no any sources for CELBAN preparation in this part of Canada.Therefore I’m interesting in on-line sources for CELBAN preparation.I’m just 6 month in Canada and my CLB score is 5-6.I haven’t taken IELTS or CELBAN tests before.