♦ Thank you for your persistence in making sure I pass my exam or even get registered with CELBAN

Hi Kim,
Thank you for your persistence in making sure I pass my exam or even get registered with CELBAN. I truly appreciate you.
Kim, I do not want to write any exam and will not get the cut off points, keep writing until frustrated out of it. What can I do to get my points at once is the issue here. Since I entered the country, I have heard of many people’s failure rate and success which is more scaring. Can you be off help here. I’ve never failed an exam and don’t want to fail this.
Thank you for replying me as usual.

Yours sincerely,

Smiling woman portrait.Dear J,

How do you know that about me? How do you know that my goal is to persist so that you pass the exam? How did you come to appreciate me? What helped you to understand what I am doing and why I am doing it? It touches me deeply that you know this about me.
There is a problem for anyone who uses that strategy to pass the CELBAN: taking it repeatedly until they get the acceptable score. The problem arises from the fact that each IEN can only take the CELBAN 3 times! Not only that, the exam will expire in 2 years. With the process taking longer than that, each IEN must pass the CELBAN on either the first or second attempt. But with a score of 10 in listening, it takes time and preparation to reach that goal.
A CLB/IELTS score of 5-6 means one is great at conversation and getting by in life, but it is equal to a high school level. To get an acceptable score you need to be at the university level, 8-10. This will take work and time. Please read

So you have reason to be concerned. You have reason to hesitate choosing the path of repeating exams. Preparation, study, time, and dedication are all requirements to pass the CELBAN. In reading your writing I recommend you focus on your  advance grammarThis can improve your score in reading, speaking and writing, when it comes to the CELBAN. 

It is true, the failing rate on the CELBAN is high. Very few people can pass without preparation. Most people need to focus on their grammar. Most people need to become familiar with the format and expectations of the exam. Most people need to learn the test taking strategy of time management. Yet there are very few resources available. 
If you have the desire, if you have the dedication, if you have the time, then I will help you to prepare so that when you enter into that examination room you have confidence in yourself knowing that you have done the very best that you could to prepare. With this confidence, and familiarity with the exam, you will be able to experience the exam with a lower degree of stress and anxiety than you would without preparation.
I promise, J, if you are willing to work hard I will work as hard as you do to get you to the point of entering the exam with confidence. If you are persistent, I will be persistent. But if you are lax, so will I be. I will mirror your efforts.
There is a risk in subscribing to a course online. But if you read the testimonials of anyone who has taken CELBANPrep before you, will discover that the risk is minimal. You get much more out of a subscription than you would ever expect, in ways that can not be measured financially. But you already know that. You knew that when you wrote, “Thank you for your persistence in making sure I pass my exam or even get registered with CELBAN. I truly appreciate you.” 
So, J., what are you waiting for? 

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