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♥ I’m so embarrassed and disappointed because I don’t know what I have to do now.

Dear Kim,
Thank you for your email and your feeling about me.
Unfortunately, I’m so embarrassed and disappointed because I don’t know what I have to do now. As you know, I have score 6 in ESL and I decided to prepare myself  for CELBAN as fast as I could, so I did online self assesment for CELBAN that was very different from other English language tests and it was so interesting for me and I really wanted to do it, but in the result I got 5 in listening and 6 for reading and they didnot allow me to prepare for CELBAN and suggested me to improve my English language………..
Last year, when I came to Canada I had plan to take Bridge Plan (8 nursing courses in George Brown College in 8 months) for my English proficiency but CNO did not complete my assesment for RN and did not give me eligibility letter to apply for George Brown College and now, as new regulation I just have 2 ways for English proficiency IELTS or CELBAN……
Sorry, I waste your time but I need to tell someone what I’m thinking and also I need your experience.


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Is CELBAN equibalent to IELTS, to continue studying?

Hi I have a question, I’m a nurse in another country and I have to take the English test to take the examination for licensure as a nurse in BC, I have interest in further studying a specialty, or follow the Masters after getting my license in BC However, universities are asking me to take IELTS. The question is, is CELBAN equibalente to IELTS, to continue studying. Thanks for your attention. Angie

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§ Finally I have received a source for help!

Dear kim,

Delightfully i have spent more than an hour to satisfy myself by reviewing the above posted comments and i must say “finally” i have recieved a source for help:)
I’m recent graduate IEN residing in toronto, waiting for my evaluation from CNO. According to recent changes in language fluency requirement i have set up my mind to take either IELTS or CELBAN exam, what would you suggest me the easiest option to achieve the required score.
looking forward to recieve guidance from you.

Thank You.

Mrs. Ali

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♥ You made my dream come true…

Dear Kim,

It’s been awhile since I talk to you and I’m so sorry for that. I went for vacation for a month but it doesn’t mean that I forgot you.  You made my dream come true.  You know Kim,celbanprep  is the only reason why I got my license and permit to practice.  I tried ielts. So many times and wasted so much money but with no success. My celbanprep subscriptions (listening, reading,speaking and speaking) is the right and the best division I ever made.  You are such a blessings to us.  I already recommended  you to all my friends.  By the way, I have a good news, CARNA accepted my registration in Quebec. They require me to submit an active registration from other province and my employers reference with a minimum of 1250 hours of practice as an RN. Then after that they told me that I am eligible to apply for registration and practice permit..  I am very happy and celbanprep is one of the reason for that success and also with prayers.  Right now I am preparing to apply online. Once again, thank you very much for your help, understanding and patience. God will bless you more for your kind heart….


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♥ I’m not sure about what I want to do in the future

Hello Kim,
I’m from the Europe and I’m one year in Canada, because I have a work permit for one year.( until October 2012 )
In the Europe I’m a Regristred Nurse, but in Canada I have to do a lot of things before I can work in a hospital.
In November Last year I started with English at Global Village, I also passed the FCE exam; First Certificate in English.
On this moment I’m following a preperation course for IELTS, but this is sometimes difficult and mostly not medical related.
I saw on the list from CARNA with the required language that it is also possible to do the CELBAN test
What do you reccommend me to do, the IELTS or the CELBAN
Are there any classes which I can join or do you have more information about it ?
I don’t have a CLB score, but I will try tomorrow to do a on-line assessment.

I hope you have enough information about my

Thank you again

Greetings A

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► What do I need to know about the CELBAN?

Dear Kim,

I will be in Canada by August Kim, my immigrant Visa was approved and I’m planning to take the exam, this year. [ What do I need to know?]


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Hello from Kenya

>Thanks for the information. However I am in Kenya and seems like the only way to take this is when am in Canada. Well i can only come there when i have a job offer. IELTS is just next door to me, i think I would do that. Thanks anyway for your help.

Please tell me what to do

How are you doing! I am totally depend on knowledge whatever you are providing to me. Mam you know me well as i told you earlier everthing regarding myself and my suitations.Here i want to have a personal suggestion from you, what sould i do right know, i would like to go as you will guide me as i think you are more exprienced to me. Please show me the way and i would like to tell that i gave ielts in march . Now here i am ready to do work hard but not having guidelines and support. please tell me what should i do .Thanks to listen me so patiently.
Yours Sincerly, S

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