Hello from Kenya

>Thanks for the information. However I am in Kenya and seems like the only way to take this is when am in Canada. Well i can only come there when i have a job offer. IELTS is just next door to me, i think I would do that. Thanks anyway for your help.

Dear Friend,
Hello! How great to have you contact us from Kenya!
So you are thinking of coming to Canada. What options have you considered? Have you chosen a location?
As for a CELBAN centre, no I do not know about any outside of Canada. I do know people who have come here as a visitor and taken the exam, but that depends on your income. If you do want to prepare for the CELBAN, CELBANPrep is available on-line. So you can prepare even from Kenya. If you choose IELTS know that there are two versions with two purposes:
  1. a score required for immigration,
  2. a score required for a nursing license.

NOTE: Colleges of Nursing in Canada require the Academic version of IELTS. Once you get an acceptable score you can apply with the colleges and start your documentation process. It can be advantageous to get to this documentation stage from home, before immigrating. Many people have found it easier to get their employers/ nursing registration body/ schools to complete forms in a timely fashion when there. It can take a lot longer if you are trying to communicate and have things happen when you are away from home.

If you were in Canada, however, I would recommend taking the CELBAN because it really is the easiest English exam for nurses in Canada! Also, if you are coming to Canada within the year, I would also recommend the CELBAN. With plenty of time to practice and review while at home, you will save time by being prepared to take the exam soon after you land.

I hope this helps!


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