♥ I’m so embarrassed and disappointed because I don’t know what I have to do now.

Dear Kim,
Thank you for your email and your feeling about me.
Unfortunately, I’m so embarrassed and disappointed because I don’t know what I have to do now. As you know, I have score 6 in ESL and I decided to prepare myself  for CELBAN as fast as I could, so I did online self assesment for CELBAN that was very different from other English language tests and it was so interesting for me and I really wanted to do it, but in the result I got 5 in listening and 6 for reading and they didnot allow me to prepare for CELBAN and suggested me to improve my English language………..
Last year, when I came to Canada I had plan to take Bridge Plan (8 nursing courses in George Brown College in 8 months) for my English proficiency but CNO did not complete my assesment for RN and did not give me eligibility letter to apply for George Brown College and now, as new regulation I just have 2 ways for English proficiency IELTS or CELBAN……
Sorry, I waste your time but I need to tell someone what I’m thinking and also I need your experience.


MP900178793Dear F,

Thank you for taking the time to write, even though you felt embarrassed and disappointed. This takes courage, the courage that will get you through all the tough situations like this!

I can understand your disappointment. I have seen it in the faces of people I have met, read it in their e-mails, heard it in their voices. You are not alone. Many many people feel as you do. The question is, what are you going to do?

It is true, the CELBAN is unlike any other English exam, it makes it easier in some ways, but with a required score of 10 in listening it makes it harder in different ways. It is this required 10 that you were recommended to take more English classes. You need to improve your English to the point of getting 6’s and 7’s before preparing for the CELBAN, and this will take both time and effort.

Here are my suggestions. I recommend you check out:

  1. www.celban.biz for a list of resources to help you in each of the skills. You can borrow them from the library, if need be.
  2. Think about buying the CELBANPrep Study Guides.  They are only $4.99

Each of these resources has been created specifically to guide you in developing the skills that are unique to the CELBAN. Focusing on your grammar can improve your score in reading, speaking and writing, when it comes to the CELBAN.

Also, have you read any of the posts on my blog, Dear Kim? Here I post the e-mail I receive that have great questions, with the thoughtful replies. I think you will like the emails offering encouragement.

Please stay in touch, and let me know how things go. Tell me which resources you used, and how they helped!



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