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Why is it so hard to get the required score on the CELBAN?

The Canadian English Language Benchmark Assessment for Nurses (CELBAN) is designed to assess the English language proficiency of internationally educated nurses (IENs) who want to practice nursing in Canada. The test can be challenging for some IENs for several reasons:

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Why is it so hard to get a 10 in listening?

Getting a score of 10 in the listening section of the Canadian English Language Benchmark Assessment for Nurses (CELBAN) can be challenging for several reasons:

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How can I get a 10 in CELBAN Listening?

To get a score of 10 in the CELBAN Listening section, you need to demonstrate a high level of comprehension of spoken English. Here are some steps you can follow to prepare for the test:

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πŸ“±#16 A Question about CELBAN Preparation Guide Books for Reading and Listening.

Updated 2023

Find the Reading and Listening CELBAN Preparation Guide Books

Dear Kim,

I would like to buy listing and reading material.
Can u suggest me ur best practice books!


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🌷 #7 Are you looking for CELBAN reviewers for reading, writing, listening and speaking?

Updated 2023

Find these CELBAN Preparation Guide Books on Amazon

Kim Kara, the founder of CELBANPrep University, has been preparing IENs like you for the CELBAN since 2009. Learn the secret to preparing for the CELBAN that WISE IENs know about passing the exam.

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🌷 CELBAN Listening Preparation Guide Book: Healer Explore the CELBAN

New Release: September 2021

What You Will Learn:

  • What skills you must demonstrate during CELBAN Listening.
  • The Tips & Topics that wise nurses know so that they get the required score on CELBAN Listening.
  • What is slowing you down, standing in your way, or stopping you from getting the required score in listening with a Complete Self-Evaluation.
  • How to Engage in Activating Lesson Plans to build your listening skills: at home, at work and in the community.
  • The 4 SECRET WAYS to increase your score on CELBAN Listening.
  • How to overcome stress. Experience comfort. Obtain Self-Mastery.
  • and more…

Now available on Amazon

CT4 THE DISILLUSIONED DREAMER – β™₯ There are times that I am at a point of giving up.

Updated this week

Hi Kim,

I know I have to practice more and harder. I am frustrated. I can’t get my timing [for my writing assignments] right. At some point, I lost my enthusiasm to write but I know I can’t stop and I need go on and never give up. Now, I am reflecting and asking myself on the things that I should be thankful. After some thinking and motivating, I am slowly gaining back my enthusiasm to write. You know, there are times that I am at a point of giving up. Honestly, it is true. But, I always find myself reading to yourΒ words of encouragement and to your articles Dear Kim. Really, those words lift my spirits up. They always remind me that the only thing I can do is to never give up. Thank you Kim, for everything.

Sincerely, A

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CT4 THE DISILLUSIONED DREAMER – β™₯ it feels like theres something lacking on me – sometimes feeling emptiness.

Updated this week

Hi Kim!  Before im working as a Live in Caregiver and got my open work permit last December  now i’ve started working as an HCA … but got in my thoughts in everytime i am giving a care to the Residents i am glad & enjoying with them but at the same time feels like theres something lacking on me because i can’t function as what i am doing before as a Nurse. These makes me sad on the other part and sometimes feeling emptiness. Can you please what advise you can give me i am now ready for a Review at you for CELBAN.

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πŸ“‹CT4 TRAPPED IEN – β˜€οΈ I took celban twice and I didn’t get expected score

Updated this week

Hello Kim,

I would like to prepare for celban with you. I would like to let you know that I took celban twice and I didn’t get expected score. Very first time I was with you.

First result: L-8, R-9, W-7, S-7

Second result: L-10, R-10, W-6, S-6

Naturally, I won’t go for my third trial without your permission. Β Please enroll me with you. Dosen’t matter, I will work for some extra hours. But I would pay you happily. And, I am sure that with your valuable guidence, I will definately pass this test. I am ready to work hard and also will improve my mistakes according to your guidence.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration,



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CT4 THE DISILLUSIONED DREAMER – β™₯ I don’t have the confident, I feel that I will fail [the CELBAN]

Updated this week


Hi Kim,thanks to google I was able to found you.i read a lot of your blog articles Β for dear Kim.i’m now encourage to take my celban exam.i took my ielts once last year, my score was as follows Listening-6,reading-4.5,writing 5.5,speaking-6.0.from that time I didn’t have anymore interest to take again.because I’m afraid to fail,I feel also that I would not be able to pass.i wanted to try celban last year but I keep on postponing,I don’t have the confident,I feel that I will fail,I even thought that I would not pass.now I want CELBANPrep. Hope to hear from you Best regards L..

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