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Kim Kara, the founder of CELBANPrep University, has been preparing IENs like you for the CELBAN since 2009. Learn the secret to preparing for the CELBAN that WISE IENs know about passing the exam through this quick 4-minute video.



Did you know that Kim Kara started preparing Internationally Educated Nurses for the CELBAN, online, in 2009?

It is true. At that time she developed 4 modules, one for each skill: reading, writing, listening and speaking. And, because most I.E.Ns were used to focusing on all of the skills at once, many had a difficult time transitioning to this more intensively focused way of learning.

Many nurses have asked Kim, “Why do you separate everything? Why don’t you teach CELBANPrep like other teachers teach the IELTS?”

While the question is simple, the answer is more complex.

1. Because she knew and understood the situation many I.E.Ns faced financially, Kim created the CELBANPrep compassionate pricing policy. By separating the skills, individuals could prepare for one skill at a time, which was much easier on the budget.

2. Kim’s intention was to create intensives so that people could focus on one skill at a time. In this way, by focusing mainly on the areas that required the most growth, she believed and knew, that individual I.E.Ns could progress more quickly.

3. Because of her Master’s Degree in Education – Adult Education – Kim understood what many do not about how different the Canadian education system is compared to other places in the world. She created her guides, books, and courses based on easing the transition that she knew many of her I.E.Ns would face when engaging in Canadian education and assessment systems.

Advance the clock to 2021.

  • Now, more than ten years later, technology has advanced.
  • The CELBAN is online.
  • The 3 attempts limit has been removed.
  • Internationally Educated Nurses around the world can take the CELBAN.

And so it is, once again, Kim is doing what no one else has, can, or ever will do. She has taken everything she has learned and created in her ten-plus years of preparing I.E.Ns for the CELBAN – online – and created an app-based virtual campus known as CELBANPrep University.

There are three levels to the campus, providing 3 different services. Again, the reasoning is based on the Compassionate Pricing Policy.

1. CELBAN Information.

For those seeking information about how to prepare for the CELBAN there is an Information Centre at CELBANPrep University. I.E.Ns are welcome to enter the Information Centre as visitors: for free.

2. CELBAN Online Material.

Next, for those seeking CELBAN Material, a monthly subscription to CELBANPrep University grants I.E.Ns access to the Resource and Learning Centres. The e-books, virtual masterclasses and training, located here, are all self-directed.

3. CELBAN Online Courses.

Next, we have CELBAN online Courses for I.E.Ns who are willing and ready to engage in more intensive training and skill development.In addition to the virtual asynchronous lessons, each course includes exciting events to reinforce skill development.

Of course, because the courses are teacher-led, the online courses at CELBANPrep University require a commitment of time, energy and money.

But the thing is, you don’t have to take our word for it.

Experience what it’s like to engage in online learning at CELBANPrep University.

Ten years is a long time for someone to be teaching online, and what you will experience at CPU is unlike anything you will ever experience elsewhere!

See for your self.

Go to www.HowToPrepareForTheCELBAN.ca to learn more.

Then, you can make your decision about where you are, what you need, and which steps to take.

CELBANPrep University, preparing Internationally Educated Nurses for the CELBAN, online, since 2009.

Sincerely, Kim

Learn more about how to access CELBAN Information, CELBAN Material, and CELBAN online courses offered through CELBANPrep University. Learn more about CELBANPrep University Virtual Campus .

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