๐Ÿ“ฑ #13 How much of study time do i need before taking the celban exams?

Updated 2023

i would like to purchase the books for reading , writing, listening, and speaking celban. how much will it all cost in total. please inform me asap.
and where can i purchase it from what are the dates for celban exams.
i am locatedin halifax
and how long it the celban exams for?
how much of study time do i need in total before taking the actual celban exams??
regards, R

Welcome R,
Wow that is a lot of questions! Thanks for the information about your move.

What is the CELBAN exam?

First off, for exam information, go to http://www.celbancentre.ca. That is where you can get answers to the following questions:

    1. What is the CELBAN Centre?

    2. What is the CELBAN for Nurses in Canada?

    3. What is the meaning of CELBAN?

    4. What is the CELBAN test? What is the CELBAN Assessment?

    5. Is the CELBAN online?

    6.  CELBAN Registration

      • How do I register for the CELBAN exam?

      • How do I book the CELBAN test?

      • How do I book the CELBAN exam?

      • What does the CELBAN cost? What is the CELBAN exam fee? What is the CELBAN test fee?

    7. CELBAN Test Booking

      • What are the CELBAN test dates and locations?

      • What is the CELBAN schedule?

    8. Where can I get a CELBAN demo? 

      • Where can I get a CELBAN exam sample? 

      • Where can I get a CELBAN sample test?

      • Where can I get a CELBAN mock test? 

      • Where can I get a CELBAN Practice test?

    9. How do I prepare for the CELBAN?

      • Prepare for Test Day

      • Practice Speaking Test

      • Practice Computer Based Test (CBT)

      • CELBAN practice handbooks (pdf)

    10. How do I register for the CELBAN Readiness Self Assessment?

    11. Where is the CELBAN login?

    12. CELBAN Results

      • When it comes to the CELBAN results: how many days?

      • How long does it take to get CELBAN test results?

    13. โžก๏ธ Sign up for the newsletter for CELBAN news and CELBAN updates. โฌ…๏ธ


  • The Speaking is about 20 minutes.
  • The written is about half an hour for each section for a total of an hour and a half.

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CELBAN Preparation online

CELBANPrep University offers online CELBAN preparation classes, courses and material.

NOTE: One-on-one coaching is also available, sold separately.

These are resources that are for every and any exam you take including the CELBAN or IELTS.

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CELBAN Near Me: CELBAN online courses, classes and material near me

Everything is available across Canada, on Amazon, and the following countries:


CELBAN Near Me: CELBAN online courses, classes and material near me

Preparation time depends on the person. Some people have lots of time, and no children. These people can practice often, and post lots of assignments. They improve quickly. Other How longpeople have less time and are balancing work, study and family. These people take more time. Not only that, it depends on the starting point. Some people take CELBANPrep with a high CLB. For them it is only a matter of learning what is expected of the exam. For other people they have grammar weaknesses. It takes much longer for people who need to learn and improve their grammar. At a minimum preparing for CELBAN writing takes at least two months if you have a 7 in IELTS but some people need longer (6 months to a year if they have a 5).

The Grammar Essentials online courses, classes and material offered within the CELBANPrep Silver bundle were created to decrease that time by quickening in the process of turning their weaknesses into strengths.

At least that is what I have found after teaching hundreds of IENs through the years; because worked with everyone that came to me regardless of their score.

I hope this helps.


Since the time of writing this Reids – who wrote this question – has been an amazing resource to me; she was one of the IENs I trained up as a Writing Coach. She is now a Registered Nurse, having successfully achieved her goal many years ago.

The update includes new links, and a bit more information gleaned through the years.

Amazingly, over 1500 people have read this post alone!


Increase your Score: Save time and money!  Explore CELBANPrep University. 

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