🌎 #10 What is the Word Count on the CELBAN Exam?

Updated 2023

Dear Kim,
The above report (1G CELBAN Writing ~ Incident Report. Can you spot the errors?) is 263 words. Do you know the word limit for CELBAN writing task 2 (Incident report )?


…UPDATE:Β πŸ“‹Β NNAS no longer requires CELBAN or IELTS scores!

Dear C,

Interestingly enough, I received this message on Facebook from Ada,Β “Please is there any word limit for incident report writing for CELBAN test?”Β  Both of you asked this question connected to the same Dear Kim post!Β 

Today I texted one of My Nurses. Not only did she take CELBANPrep courses online with me, I actually hired her and trained her up as a CELBANPrep Writing Coach. So, not only is she a reliable source, she knows what I am about, what we taught, and how we taught it.

Her reply was, “I remember the CELBAN Readiness Self Assessment Kit (the book the library has) mentions writing a report of 100-200 words.”

What this is doing is telling you that there is a limit, and the expectations are quite short. In all reality how much can a person feasibly write in a matter of 15 minutes? And, if it is a skilled writer who completed CELBANPrep Wondeful Writing (CELBANPrep GOLD): how much can you write in 10 minutes, allowing for 5 minutes to edit?


  • the word count is not important on the CELBAN.Β 
  • IELTS vocabulary is not important.Β 
  • the medical information is not important.Β 

What is important on the CELBAN is:

grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, medical collocations, and flow.


That is why CELBANPrep has a 2 pronged approach:

Step ONE: Grammar Essentials (CELBANPrep Silver) with a focus on grammar, advanced punctuation, and sentence structure.

Step TWO: CELBANPrep Wonderful Writing (CELBANPrep GOLD) with a focus on test-taking strategies and Writing Task 1 and 2.

This two-pronged approach has been successful for hundreds of Internationally Educated Nurses from around the world.

Please check out:

I passed the CELBAN on my first attempt! | Dear Kim

This step-by-step process is effective because it allows you to develop one skill set at a time: skills that you will integrate into everything you ever write from here on out!

Communication skills are very valuable to invest in developing!Β 

As for my Writing Coach, she confirmed to me, without disclosing anything about the exam: according to her experience with the exam, there is nothing I need to modify in my training process. CELBANPrep Bronze, Silver, or GOLD available through CELBANPrep University are trustworthy and reliable. But, please do not take this as your final word: do your due diligence.

Thanks, again, for your question.



applications-dkIncrease your Score: Save both time and money!

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3 responses to “🌎 #10 What is the Word Count on the CELBAN Exam?

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  2. Dear Kim,
    I want to ask how to access the Celban Prep Listening book. I just purchased it few days ago and I’m confused where to begin. I clicked some videos and some of it are not working. Please help me through your book. Thanks


    • Dear Ingrid,
      The version of CELBANPrep Listening that you have was created first as an Interactive E-book, but the embedded videos did not play on Apple products, so I had to provide the videos on my website, and use a membership to protect the content. But there were so many complaints, too many technical difficulties, that I took them down.

      As of September of 2021, I wrote a brand new CELBAN Listening Preparation Guide. It too is available through Amazon, but there are no videos. Instead, I have replaced them with weekly lesson plans.

      These paperback books are available internationally through Amazon’s marketplaces. Here is the .ca link to the marketplace in Canada: https://amzn.to/3mPl5if. ~Kim

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