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*1G Writing Sample ~ CELBAN Assessment Reports: turning weaknesses into strengths

Writing Sample _ CELBAN Assessment Reports_ turning weaknesses into strengthsDear Friends,

For CELBANPrep Writing IENs are encouraged to write both incident reports and assessment reports. Each assignment is reviewed several times, by a writing coach for the Writing Tutoring. Every once in a while I read a report that stands out. I am posting this one online, with permission from the writer.

Please pay attention to the following:

  • medical documentation standards,
  • avoidance of the word “I”,
  • clear descriptions of observations,
  • vital signs, and
  • advanced punctuation.

This IEN worked hard to turn her weaknesses into strengths, during CELBANPrep Writing Level Two, and has become a master.

Also note, this report was written and edited with in 20 minutes using the skills taught in CELBANPrep Writing Level One and lots of practice.



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*3G ♫ Now I have a confidence in my writing!

Now I have a confidence in my writing!Hi Kim,

Now I have a confidence in my writing. When I wrote a letter to my supervisor, I could identify my errors. Run on sentences, verbs, punctuation and articles.

2G* Writing for CELBAN and IELTS ~ Which is easier?


I feel confident in stating that the CELBAN is more easier than the IELTSDear Friend,

People from all over the world subscribe to CELBANPrep Writing Level One . When I read Rashin’s assignment I could see she was working very hard to incorporate vocabulary while writing about the pros and cons of children participating in sports. Having experience with the IELTS, I asked her to answer the question I am asked all the time: which is easier the IELTS or the CELBAN. Following are quotes from two conversations.

A war of words is being waged on the subject  of whether sport has positive impacts on children or not. I feel confident in stating that the pros outweigh cons.

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2G* CELBAN Writing ~ Incident Report. Can you spot the errors?

CELBAN Incident Report Writing

Dear Friends,

This is a great incident report written for CELBAN Writing during the CELBANPrep Writing Level Two. It is well written, except for a few errors. Can you identify the errors?


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2G* § How would you correct this sentence?

HOW Would you

This comes from a posted assignment, for the CELBANPrep Writing Level Two How would you correct it?

On July 19th at 20:30H, at St. Matthews Hospital, Kim Sapno, 14 year old girl admitted in emergency room accompanied by her mother. She had a complained of right lower abdominal pain.

Try rewriting these sentences before you click on read more to see some of my suggestions. Which do you prefer and why?

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3G* CELBAN or IELTS: writing reviewer

CELBAN or IELTS Writing Reviewer


I want to purchase CELBAN Writing Task Specially Writing Task 1 can you send me the link form your website so that I can proceed.
Thanks, A

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6G*☺ You always makes me feel more confident and less stressful

Here is an example of an incident report written by a subscriber to CELBANPrep Writing Level Two. (She used CELBANPrep Writing One, and accessed Writing Coaching.)  This is the result after several revisions. What follows is a discussion between me and the IEN who wrote the report.

Here is an example of an incident report...

Incident: 75 year old man found on the floor

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CELBAN Writing: Do I capitalize diseases?

Dear Friend,

Alzheimer and stroke are the names of diseases, why I can use the capital letter for the former, but for the latter I can not use it?

What do you think?


1G CELBAN Writing: How would you correct this?

Dear Friend

June 10, 2012 at 10 am. Sara, a 14 y/o girl who had been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, came to clinic with her mother. She complained of dizziness and feeling of fatigue.

What are the correct collocations for the sentence in purple? How would you correct it? There are several ways of doing it. Test your knowledge of medical collocations.


1G ♫ What is writing in nursing context and how it will come in the CELBAN exam

Dear Kim,
Kim I need your help because I am not able to understand what is writing in nursing context and how it will come in exam? Thanks D

(from a subscriber to CELBANPrep Writing.)

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