🔖Writing Sample ~ CELBAN Assessment Reports: turning weaknesses into strengths

Updated 2021

Dear Friends,

For CELBANPrep Writing IENs are encouraged to write both incident reports and assessment reports. Each assignment is reviewed several times, by a writing coach for the Writing Tutoring. Every once in a while I read a report that stands out. I am posting this one online, with permission from the writer.

Please pay attention to the following:

  • medical documentation standards,
  • avoidance of the word “I”,
  • clear descriptions of observations,
  • vital signs, and
  • advanced punctuation.

This IEN worked hard to turn her weaknesses into strengths, during CELBANPrep Writing Level Two, using the textbook from Amazon and participating in the CELBAN online Writing course, and has become a master.

Also note, this report was written and edited with in 20 minutes using the skills taught in CELBANPrep Writing Level One , again using the CELBAN Writing course material and lots of practice.




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Use at least six key words from the following: diabetes, insulin, blood sugar level, needle, sugar, exercise

January 6, 2012 @ 01300H. Jessica Yap, 14 years old, came to ER complaining of dizziness. According to her mother, she was recently diagnosed with juvenile diabetes.  She does soccer and practices everyday after school for 1 hour.They were celebrating her 14th birthday today. After she ate a piece of her cake, she began trembling, became pale and complained that she was very dizzy, which prompted her mother to bring her to the hospital. Assessment were as follows: lethargic, cold and clammy skin, cyanotic nailbeds. Blood sugar level checked and revealed 400mg/dL. Vital signs were BP 110/80 mmHg, HR 110bpm, RR 23cpm, T 36 C. Dr. Andrew informed. His orders were carried out: PNSS 1000ml x 80ugtts/min started on (L) hand; HR 4 units SQ given; health teachings were given, focusing primarily on strict adherence to insulin regimen and diet, which the mother and the patient reported that they understood. Blood sugar level checked and recorded q hourly. At 0230H, blood sugar level was 200mg/dl. Endorsed to MS ward for continuity of care.——– IA R.N

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6 responses to “🔖Writing Sample ~ CELBAN Assessment Reports: turning weaknesses into strengths

  1. Hi ,
    Please give me exact idea about paragraphing in celban writing.
    How many paragraph should be written in incident report,


    • Dear Ranjit,
      This is a great question, one I have not been asked before. On the CELBAN Readiness Self-Assessment the wording is “one or two paragraphs.” Depending on the version of the exam you get, you may receive different instructions. for this reason reading the instructions is imperative! And knowing how to write an assessment with a variation of paragraphing is essential in being prepared for the CELBAN.

      With that said, the distinction between a 6-7-8-9 in the Canadian Language Benchmark, the CLB, is paragraphing. People who know how to paragraph correctly get higher scores. (It is important to note that the CLB is the basis for the CELBAN: Canadian English Language Benchmark Assessment… for Nurses.)
      But remember, the CELBAN tasks require you to write reports NOT CHARTING! Some people get these two formats confused.

      Have a great weekend, Ranjit!

  2. Cherry Sachdeva

    awesome report…

  3. Always a pleasure Kim! It’s nothing to what you have taught me. I thank you! 🙂 – IA

  4. IA,
    I am so very proud! Thank you for the permission to post your writing.

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