1G ♫ What is writing in nursing context and how it will come in the CELBAN exam

Dear Kim,
Kim I need your help because I am not able to understand what is writing in nursing context and how it will come in exam? Thanks D

(from a subscriber to CELBANPrep Writing.)

Dear D,

Writing in a nursing context is what you are doing when writing a report. There are different style expectations for writing: for example the style of a resume is different from the style of a poem, which is different from an essay. There are different rules and expectations. In a nursing context the rules and expectations are known as Medical Documentation Standards. Many standards have been created as a result of law suits where doctors and nurses were sued for liability. They must be followed, to protect yourself. This includes adding a line in any space, and adding your signature on the far right of a report.

Other Medical Documentation Standards include:

  • including time and date
  • avoiding first person singular (I, me, my, mine)
  • starting with imperatives: Dressed the wound. Started Tramadol 75mg stat.
  • using acceptable abbreviations: pt, BP, RR, etc.

If you use this link  you will find many resources on medical documentation.

Does this help?



Dear Kim,

I feel so lucky by having you as a supporter for IEN coming from differant parts of world who are really lost when they are coming here and you guide them and show them the way to fulfill their actual dream with what they came here.Thanks a lot for your support. D

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