!! Because of your guidance I did [the CELBAN] and got admission.

Updated 2021


ย first I would like to thank you for great help of me as you have sent me the study guides. this gave me the idea of what I can expect in the exam,
ย theย  2 nd thing is that 2 weeks ago I came to know that I have to clear CELBAN exam for entrance to bridging programme for IEN. at that time I started to look for resources. so it was you who guided me. but 1 week go I came to know that the test is ICELBAN.ย  so because of your guidance I did it and got admission.
thank u so much again for your kind help.

Dear R,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me!
I am so impressed with your progress! There are very few people who can clear the CELBAN with an acceptable score without more preparation!ย 
But so much has changed since you first wrote to me in 2014!ย 
The 2021 version of the preparation guides that are available through Amazon are very different from what was available previously. There are 4 books, one for each skill, in the Healer series:
  • READING: Healer Discover the CELBAN
  • WRITING: Healer Master the CELBAN
  • LISTENING: Healer Explore the CELBAN, and
  • SPEAKING: Healer Conquer the CELBAN
Each begins with a self exploration of who you are as a nurse, and why it is so important to you, coupled with exploring the significance of each skill in your profession.ย 
Next, we move on to a Study Planner. The study planner contains weekly lessons for you to focus on: one per week. This way you can be developing one skill at a time or do all four together.ย 
Throughout these books there is space for you to add comments about your observation, learning and progress.ย 
These books have been created both for self-study and are used during the CELBANPrep 90 Day Challenge.ย 
I wish you the very best on your path to becoming a nurse here in Canada!ย 

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