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1G§* How much of study time do i need before taking the celban exams?

How Much time do I need to study before taking the CELBAN exam Dear Kim
i would like to purchase the books for reading , writing, listening, and speaking celban. how much will it all cost in total. please inform me asap.
and where can i purchase it from what are the dates for celban exams.
i am locatedin halifax
and how long it the celban exams for?
how much of study time do i need in total before taking the actual celban exams??
regards, R

1G* ☺ I am planning to take my CELBAN exam this coming …

I am planning to take my CELBAN exam this cominghi kim,

Greetings! I am planning to take my CELBAN exam this coming March and I wonder if I can purchase a celban book instead of e-book. As a starter, what do you recommend me to study first. I really wanted to pursue my career here as a nurse in BC and I believe that if I pass the CELBAN exam, I will be one step closer to be an RN here in Canada. So please help me=) Thanks!

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1G* Do i need to have kindle to access the resources for [CELBANPrep] Reading and Listening Complete Series

1G Do i need to have kindle to access the resources for CELBANPrep Reading and Listening Complete Series
… One more question Kim, Do i need to have kindle to access the resources for reading and listening complete? or can i use my iphone?

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♪♪ I was thinking of not taking my CELBAN … after I read your advice

Hi Kim!  I am a registered nurse form the Philippines. Me and my family have been living here in Canada for almost 5 years since we arrived in September of 2009. And yes, Winnipeg is our first stop. We are currently residing here in Winnipeg and we haven’t lived anywhere else in Canada. In additon to this, I just got my license as registered from the Philippines last August of 2013 and am currently working on my english proficiency. On the other hand, I have a CLB score of L: 9 R: 9 S: 9, and 8 on writing.
Actually, I have already purchased your Celban preparation on Reading and Listening for $ 49 + taxes. And I think it is helping me a lot. However, my schedule for CELBAN will be on  May 21st and 22nd of 2014. So, it’s next week!  I was thinking of not taking my CELBAN on the said date after I read your advice from other people. However, I can not reschedule my assessment for CELBAN because they can not give me the refund of $ 375 assessment fee since my schedule for CELBAN is due in less than a week. For now, I’m doing the best I can in order to prepare for my upcoming CELBAN. I’m very positive that I will achieve the scores that I’m required to get. If ever I don’t pass, I will take it as an expereince and I will make sure that I’m prepared and confident the next time I will take the CELBAN – of course, with your help. Thank you very much Kim for helping us “New Canadians” achieve our goal in a smooth way.

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What can you recommend as the best bundle … for celban that i can purchase?

Hi! What can you recommend as the best bundle package reviewer for celban that i can purchase?


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§ CELBAN Writing: Are articles important?

While CELBANPrep is an exam preparation course and not an English course, we do focus on grammar during the 8 lessons delivered over 8 weeks for CELBANPrep Writing. One weakness of many IENs is articles. Articles are those tiny words like: a, an, the.

Are articles important?

Consider these two sentences:

  • I also have an opportunity to loan ….
  • I also have an opportunity to a loan …

The only difference is an “a”. What is the difference in meaning?

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Will I get the CELBAN Prep books by mail?

i want to know that all these courses are on line or i will get the books by mail because i will prepare celban later if i will buy material now it will be good for me. plz tell me. i will be really thankfull to you .
Thanks a lot

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i dont know know where to start and what to order first.

please help me
i want to purchase celbanprep books , i dont know know where to start and what to order first. please i need a lead start in this. i need to start studying. i just started part time work and its overwhelming, so i have not even bought any books for celban. i need to buy then and start studying
please kim how should i start off. i need to buy some books to get me started off with
thanks kim
Dear R,
Thanks for your question. Where a person starts depends on how much time they have, when the exam is scheduled, how many times they have taken the exam, and how much money they have. How to Prepare for the CELBAN is a good start, but it is not enough. It is important to spend more time on each skill to become familiar with the exam and improve your skills. Our testing methods in Canada are different from what many International Nurses are familiar with. Next, if you have time, I recommend the Listening and Reading Study Guides. I am hoping people will get them early, and spend several months improving their skills by using the resources and tips for success. Currently they are only avialable on Amazon, but in January 2012 they will also be available on CELBANprep. Once you have spent some time improving your skills it is good to work on the Sample Tests. That is for reading and listening. Writing and Speaking are different. These are only available as courses. Writing is 8 weeks, and speaking is 4 weeks. For each you are taught what is required for the exam, turning weaknesses into strengths. Also you get individualized attention and assistance. For this reason the fee for the courses are higher than the study guides and sample tests. This is the plan if you have time, and allows for you to make decisions based on your financial situation. Following this path also allows you to build confidence in what CELBANPrep provides, so that you can feel more comfortable about making the larger purchase. By that time you will know my offers are genuine and trustworthy. If you do not have time, and have money, I would recommend taking the courses at the same time as starting with the study guides. Then when Speaking is completed, to spend that time on the reading and listening practice exams.
Does this help?
thanks kim
you made it clear.
i am trying to purchase celban listening and reading study guides   from amazon.  i am not succeeding as it shows me something about kindle. i dont know what that is.!!!! are these books that will be send to me by amazon or is it something i will study online
all this is so overwhelming
please help kim
Dear R, The only reason why I can sell these books for so little is because they are electronic: so they are not on paper. Instead they are a file that you download in the same way music, movies and games are downloaded. I have created a video to explain it. The kindle is the software Amazon created so that people can read the e-books. It is like itunes. You can get the kindle app for your PC, Mac laptops or desktops, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows 7 tablets and phones. So you can choose which device you want to read it on. The Kindle app is free. Kim

♥ I am so worry about my reading

Dear Kim,

My big problem is reading. I took one CELBAN test …  and i took CLBA test too. Both results were for reading 6. I need 8. I am so worry about my reading. I need to do lots of exercise I think. At CELBAN test I was ok with paragraph ,but i was not well for fill in blanks. I mean i did lots of mistakes for fill in the blanks. M

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♥ A Million Thanks to You

Hi Kim,
Hi this is V and I’m so glad that I got the result of my exam last week…and my review was all worth it! Thanks so much for the support and for calling me to practice the speaking. A million thanks to you. God Bless.