Which should I take first: CELBANPrep Writing or Speaking?

Updated 2021

Dear Kim,
 What can you suggest for me to avail first?
I’d like to avail the Course Bundle for speaking
and writing.
Thanks! 🙂

Dear R,
Alas, when it comes to choosing between speaking and writing and which to take first, my answer, today in 2021, is neither. 
When I first began preparing Internationally Educated Nurses for the CELBAN exam back in 2009, there was very little known about the exam and even fewer resources available. And, IENs were so used to preparing for the IELTS using resources created at Cambridge, UK, that they had a hard time understanding how different this exam was and how preparing for this exam in tranditional ways simply did not work. 
Now that the CELBAN is available internationally, teachers will discover the same thing that many English as a Foreign Language teachers learned here in Canada: tranditional traditional teaching methods simply do not work. 
That is why when the CELBAN became more popular in Canada, many teachers started preparing IENs for the exam but discovered their students were not getting the required scores. What they were doing was not working. 
Meanwhile, over at CELBANPrep, I had been working with hundreds of nurses from around the world and living across Canada. I got to see, witness, observe what was happening for my nurses; and, I started creating CELBAN material, CELBAN resources, CELBAN workbooks, CELBAN courses to fill these needs. And, unlike what was happening elsewhere: they worked. My nurses were able to prepare for the exam in less time and get higher scores while doing so. 

Mind you it still takes time to prepare for the CELBAN. 


What is the secret? 

The secret is in the structure of the CELBAN exam itself, and the fact that IENs receive reports with their results identifying their weaknesses. What that means is that unlike the IELTS, IENs taking the CELBAN actually find out what is slowing them down, standing in their way, and stopping them from getting the required score. 
With that knowledge they are then informed as to how to proceed. 
The remarkable thing is that what I observed in my nurses, is what was being identified in the reports and so the material that I created to solve these problems were exceptionally effective. 
So the answer is: determine what your weaknesses are when it comes to grammar, then use the Grammar Essentials series first. 
  • If you have weaknesses with articles, start with volume #1. 
  • If you have weaknesses with verb tenses, start with volume #2.
  • If you fumble when it comes to agreement errors, you need to complete volumes 1 and 2 before proceeding with volume 3. 
  • And, if you have problems with either sentence structure or punctuation then volume 4 is for you. 

Where do you start? With your weakness. Your weaknesses may be different as compared to someone else so you start where you need to improve. 

Does that answer your question? 

The thing to realize and remember is that when you improve your grammar skills, you improve your score not only in writing and speaking but also in reading: for the fill-in-the-blanks task. 

1. CELBAN Materials for Self-Study

Once you have done that, then we return to the question: writing or speaking first? 
The answer to that depends on if you choose to do self-studies or take a course at CELBANPrep University. 
When you buy the CELBAN Preparation Guides from Amazon, you will discover that there are weekly lessons for all skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. 
  • CELBAN Reading Guide has study plans for 8 weeks.
  • CELBAN Writing Guide has study plans for 9 weeks. 
  • CELBAN Listening Guide has study plans for 10 weeks.
  • CELBAN Speaking Guide has study plans for 5 weeks.

Study plans that fit your schedule

These CELBAN books have been created so that you can focus on one or more area at a time depending on how much time you have to study. 
  • Sandeep, for example, has one hour a day, three days a week. 
  • Mary has one entire day to prepare.
  • But Kenzo can only focus on one thing at a time. 

So, Sandeep might prepare for Listening on Mondays, Writing on Wednesdays and Reading on Fridays. Once he has done so for 4 weeks, he can add on Speaking to his schedule. 

Mary decides to divide her off day into four portions: early morning, afternoon, late afternoon and evening. She knows that her energy is highest at night, so she chooses to prepare for writing at that time because she can focus the best then. With that decided she starts her day with some light reading, moving into engaging in activities that require her to both listen and speak at the same time. 

Kenzo has figured out that the best time and place for her to study is at work, so she starts with speaking and listening. She will add reading and writing in a few months when she is confident in her speaking and listening skills. 

What have you learned from this? What is the answer to your question? What fits best into your lifestyle? 

That is what CELBANPrep has considered from the beginning: who you are, what your needs are, and what you need to get to where you are going. 

2. Online CELBAN courses

Alternatively, if you decide instead to take a course at CELBANPrep University, you will be taking courses that overlap in skill development. 

  • Canadian Communication & Culture prepares you not only for listening but also speaking. 
  • Wonderful Writing prepares you for both speaking and writing at the same time. (You will be prepared for both CELBAN Writing Task 1 and CELBAN Writing Task 2.) And,
  • Essential EQ teaches you skills that impact your ability to navigate difficult situations with ease, confidence and grace not only for speaking but in all aspects of your life: at home, at work, and in the community. 

Explore CELBANPrep University.

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