► I failed to make the grade in one area. I was very disappointed.

Hi Kim,

Thank you for responding to my emails so quick. I think it is time to introduce myself. Maybe, you are wondering who I am. My name you know already. I come from Germany and I have been in Canada since 2008. I have been in my profession as a RN and head nurse in the surgical unit for 25 years. I came to Canada without any English knowledge, so I started my first English classes at the ESL for newcomers. After ESL I went to the college and attended three semesters as well. In 2009 I wrote my first CELBAN test without any success, the second test I wrote was in 2010 and it was the same I failed to make the grade in one area. I was very disappointed. My scores at this time were writing 6, reading 7, listening 9 and speaking 7. Now, I have one more attempt at CELBAN left and I will not fail again. In the last year I studied by myself and did some different practise tests, reading, etc., online to improve my English skills. I think my English has improved, but I do not feel comfortable yet. I hope the CELBAN prep guide will help me and it is that what I am looking for. I know my weaknesses and it is always difficult with time constraint. Besides studying at home I work in the medical field as a HCA. The contact with residents and LPN helps; in conversations and I am not so far away from that what I used to be.

I am looking forward to hear from you, perhaps with advice.

Take care I.

Dear I,

First, I recommend you read a blog I wrote yesterday for FREE English resources from the University of Victoria in BC.

Second, I advise that you do not write the exam until you are 100% confident that you will pass the exam. You only get 3 chances with this exam, and you are on the last one. I have met to many IENs who did not become an RN here because of failing the exam 3 times. I do not want you to have your dreams crushed too. Also, your score will expire in 2 years. The process will take longer than that to become an RN. The alternative is to take an LPN program. Many conduct unofficial CELBAN exams, and require lower scores. I know many IENs who choose this path, on the way to becoming an RN. You can read more about the difference between LPN and RNs in my blog. This may give you a little time before you take the CELBAN again. It will also give you an opportunity to better understand the implications of the Canadian culture in nursing. The fact that you interact with LPNs is great! You are already a step ahead of many others. The more you learn about nursing in Canada the easier it will be for you to sail through your licensure process. You might even be able to get through the process in less time than most.

This is what I recommend, that you prepare for the CELBAN and write it when you are 100% confident with a passing score. (I can help you with that with writing and speaking, working with you one-on-one.) In the mean time focus on studying nursing in Canada. I am presently working on a CRNEPrep for IENs that will be a great start. I can give you other suggestions in the mean time. In this way you might be able to become a CRNE within 2 years of taking the CELBAN.

If not, your only option is the Academic IELTS, with it’s two years expiry and only 3 chances.

Please let me know what you think.


One response to “► I failed to make the grade in one area. I was very disappointed.

  1. Hi Kim,
    I wondered why IELTS also only limits for 3 times? Do you mean we can only take it for 3 times within 2 years? What if we take it oversease? Thanks.

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