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☺ My [CELBAN] result will expire this April…

Hi Kim,

Good day to you.

How are you? It’s R from … Alberta. I just want to ask if you have any review materials on sale right now, please let me know. I need the writing, reading & listening review materials if you have. I am planning to take the Celban this yr. hopefully this June. My result will expire this April and I need to submit a new one for Carna.

Hope to hear from you Kim.

Respectfully yours,


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♥ Why don’t you share this remarkable story with everyone on “Dear Kim”?

Dear Kim,

In nursing, I have heard so many devastating stories, but Sabrina’s story is one of the most remarkable. I have no imagination to encompass the tragedy of a 13 year old girl death from anaphylaxis. It is beyond my emotions to read that Sabrina’s mother was unable to save her own child in spite of all her safety precautions, but she has made difference for other allergic children across Canada and the USA.

Kim, you are very right, nothing is more crucial for life threating allergies as immediate injection of epinephrine. Sabrina’s death could be preventable.

For now I am very proud of Sabrina’s mother; she has incarnated her grief into a mission “Sabrina’s Law”.

Why don’t you share this remarkable story with everyone on “Dear Kim”? Many of us will be encounter with similar situations and all of us should know how important………


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$ Thinking of coming to Canada as a TFW, or know someone who is?

June 16, 2012 Global News 16:9 did an Encore Presentation entitled Disposable Labour about the true reality of coming to Canada as a Temporary Foreign Worker, or TFW.

It documents the excitement, the recruitment fees, the disappointment and the disillusionment, and the sadness of missing children that are still living back home.

High levels of debt, working illegaly, sexual assault and living in substandard housing were all issues faced by people who came to Canada with hopes and dreams.

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♥ With so many people retiring, will we have enough continuing-care workers (LPNs and RNs)?

Dear Friend,

It was during the boom in the economy in Alberta that I went from advising Canadians on career related issues, to working with Internationally Educated Health Professionals. At that time the industry was hot: the nursing shortage evident. Then the economy shifted. What was happening in the US impacted us here in Canada. The well dried up, or so it seemed. All of the jobs disappeared: not because they were filled but because a dip in the economy means decreased spending or cutbacks. Instead of cutting back, our health care system simply continued as it had been: coping with the shortages but not talking about it.Seeing these changes I kept encouraging people: don’t worry. Use your time wisely. The economy will shift. The nursing shortage will become a hot topic once again. All the jobs will suddenly reappear. Proceed on your licensure process so when they do appear you are ready!

I hope you were listening. They are starting to talk about the shortage again. The winds of change are signalling the time will be here soon.Will you be ready?

This week I received in my mailbox the NorQuest Community Report. Norquest is a college in Edmonton where LPNs are trained. The headline screams, “Navigating the Perfect Storm: Norquest College’s crucial role in the future of Alberta health care.” Here is a quote:

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Hi Kim I am interested on your one on one free speaking consultation. How will I do that? Thank you.

The World of Technology is Slowly Opening Up to Me

Dear Friend,

Over the years I have met many Internationally Educate Nurses that have a very basis level of computer literacy. Many are fearful about taking a course online, or about doing online transactions. When R sent her first emails, she explained her fear was enhanced when her computer was hacked and her information was stolen. At some point she decided to trust and take a risk. She subscribed to CELBANPrep. Knowing that many people would identify with her story, recently, I asked her to with about her experiences facing these fears and turning her weaknesses into strengths. Maybe reading her words will inspire  you to do the same.


It has been an interesting journey for me since I signed up for CELBANPrep  online. In a way I was compelled to sign up as I was eager and motivated to achieve my goal as a registered nurse in Canada. I was never computer literate. When I used my computer for leisure purposes it was always alot more easier for me to do so, as I was in a frame of mind that any,  and as many mistakes by me was acceptable, however doing a course like CELBANPrep online was a different ball game altogether. That’s when the real challenges kicked in and I was made aware of my potential and hidden abilities to master my computer skills.

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♥ I wanted to do the pain score the way you taught me to do it.

Dear Kim I hope you don’t mind but I was reading through this assignment of mine and I saw that I had spelled Celcious incorrectly, so I corrected it, as I was always making the same spelling error for that one. Also the pain score highlighted in pink was corrected by me as well as I wanted to do the pain score the way you taught me to do it. I hope you don’t mind.


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2G* I need resources to prepare for the SEC

Updated 2021

Dear Kim :

thank you for the time you and effort you spend assisting nurses, i have few questions am an RN in my country(jordan) for the past 17 years and a Canadian immigrant am due to set for my SEC assessment on the 23/24th July, in medical surgical…. on the other hand am a bit lost on what resources to use preparing for the OSCE, TJ and CJ.
I have books and am using the website but its one set of examples every time i search, can you guide me please :)

thank you again,

hope to hear from you soon,

kind regards,


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♥ It means to us that someone like you listens and cares

Dear Kim
Thanks for all the information you sent me.  After two weeks of waiting and whining about how hard the listening test was, I received the test result yesterday and guess what… I actualy PASSED it.  I got a 10 in Listening, a 9 in both reading and speaking and 7 in writing.  It’s still not bad for my writing, though because  all I care about is passing the test. And I’m so glad I did.
I really appreciate all your help and that last minute sample of the listening tests.  Have a happy valentine’s day and more power!
Regards, MC

♥ How can I tell you this with all honesty and integrity

Hi Kim I’m glad to hear from you again. Thank you very much for sending 2 and 3 of 5 practice test. Thank you also for the kind and inspiring words. As what you have said how can I tell you this with all honesty and integrity? To let you know Kim, you are only the person aside from my career coach who believes in foreign trained nurses like me. Hoping to meet you one day and personally thank you for all the help you have given me. Continue inspiring and encouraging people will make their dreams come true here in Canada.

Thank you and God Bless!!!

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