♥ I wanted to do the pain score the way you taught me to do it.

Dear Kim I hope you don’t mind but I was reading through this assignment of mine and I saw that I had spelled Celcious incorrectly, so I corrected it, as I was always making the same spelling error for that one. Also the pain score highlighted in pink was corrected by me as well as I wanted to do the pain score the way you taught me to do it. I hope you don’t mind.


Dear R,

I smiled and laughed as I read your message. I was so impressed that you had made these corrections on your own. And now I have tears in my eyes with how you have become a “self-directed learner”. This is fundamental to the Canadian culture, and is a huge barrier to many from different nations trying to enter the Canadian workplace, regardless of profession.

If you have gone from needing guidance and support every step of the way to becoming reflective and self directed you have learned more than I intended for you to learn. This is called “unintentional learning.” In doing so you have validated my work on such a deep level.

I hope you continue to grow and develop in this direction. Thank you so very much R!

In Spirit, Kim

2 responses to “♥ I wanted to do the pain score the way you taught me to do it.

  1. Hi Kim: i am going to join the online course as soon as possible. could you please tell me how to apply ? lijuan zhao

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