🌎 #2 How do I get a 9 or 10 in CELBAN Listening?

Updated 2023

Hi kim. Can i ask you a question?
I would like to ask about the listening scoring System. In an 84 items listening What score range belongs to a perfect score of 10,9,8 and 7 please. …?thanks. Hope you Can answer me with this. R

Dear R,
While your question is simple, the answer is not so simple.
As the CELBAN is an English exam, scores are based on your competencies with the English languagewhen it comes to reading, writing, listening and speaking. Often people think, “Oh, I got a 7 in reading. All I need is one more point to get an accepted score. All I need is to get a few more questions right.”
This is a myth, based on faulty thinking.
The CELBAN score is not about points, it is about benchmarks!

What is a CELBAN Benchmark?

The CELBAN is based on the criterion for determining the Canadian Language Benchmark. Each score is a benchmark, equivalent to a grade. So the difference between a 6 and a 7 (or a 7 and an 8, or a 9 and a ten) is the difference between one grade and another.
NOTE: It is said that it takes 100 in class hours to raise a score one benchmark point on the CLB/CELBAN.
So benchmarks include a set of standards or competencies. You must achieve these standards in order to increase your score.
You must learn the language, and the influence of the Canadian culture on the language, to increase your score.
This is why taking the exam repeatedly is not an effective strategy. This is why practice and attention to grammar is key to increasing your score.
It is only when you master the language at a university level – in demanding situations – that you will be able to pass the exam. Yet most people are only at a high school level (a score of 7 on the IELTS).
What does it take for one to go from a high school class to a university class? The answer is a whole year of study, for it takes time to achieve and surpass the benchmarks for each grade.
Remember, the full name of the CELBAN is the Canadian English Language Benchmark Assessment for Nurses.
To get a 10 in listening you must spend the time developing your listening skills, and understanding the implications of the Canadian culture on communication.
To get a 10 in listening you must be able to hear and listen to people speaking in English, in a medical context, in demanding situations.
That is why at CELBANPrep University we focus on teaching you advanced professional communication skills so that you not only get the required score on the CELBAN but also ensure patient safety as a result!

2023 Update

Even though your English score is no longer required as an early stage by NNAS, and that each provincial Colleges of Nursing has their own expectations when it come to the CELBAN, if your dream is to become a licensed nurse in Canada, CELBANPrep University can help you to prepare for your career in Canada. There are several options:

1. CELBAN Information (CELBANPrep Bronze).

For those seeking information about how to prepare for the CELBAN there is an Information Centre at CELBANPrep University. I.E.Ns are welcome to enter the Information Centre as visitors: for free.

2. CELBAN Material & Skill Training (CELBANPrep Silver).

Next, for those seeking CELBAN Material, CELBANPrep University grants I.E.Ns access to the Resource Centre. The training for reading, writing, listening, and speaking are all self-directed. This package is meant for IENs that have taken the CELBAN, have their results, and know that they need to improve upon to get the required score.

3. CELBAN Online Courses (CELBANPrep GOLD).

Next, we have CELBAN online Courses for I.E.Ns who are willing and ready to engage in more intensive training and skill development. If you are interested in preparing for your career in Canada, these virtual asynchronous lessons, courses, and videos reinforce skill development.


Join a Virtual Tour of the CELBANPrep app-based campus.

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