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Do you have listening materials to sell?

Dear Friend,

I just received an e-mail with the following question, “Hi Kim, Do you have listening materials to sell?”

My reply, to her, was:
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Three Types of People: Which are you?

Dear Friends,

Over the past eight years of owning and operating CELBANPrep I have discovered that there are three types of people who come to CELBANPrep: each with their own intent, needs, and expectations. Which are you?


which are you

The first group of people who come to me are the Dreamers. Dreamers are people who have come to Canada/ are planning on coming to Canada, to start a new life here. They come filled with hopes and dreams and ambitions. Having learned of the CELBAN as a requirement to become a registered nurse in Canada they happen along CELBANPrep. Most often this comes as a result of a search online, using various search engines.

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$ NEW!!! The Dear Kim ~ What They Won’t Tell You: Resume and Employment Series

What are they not telling you?

The Dear Kim ~ Resume and Employment Series has been created with these goals in mind: to teach you what they won’t tell you about promoting yourself in the Canadian Workplace, but what we teach our university students!!!

When you came to Canada you came here with a dream. But then you discovered that as an unlicensed professional, you could not work as a nurse, and had to accept a survival job. Dreams tend to fade under such circumstances.

But, coming to Canada means experiencing freedoms and choices that may not have been available to you back home. Obtaining your dream means knowing how to promote yourself in the Canadian Workplace, as a Canadian Employee with great value! Therein is happiness and success!

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$ NEW!!! The Dear Kim $5 Series ~ for Happiness, Success and Employment

Dear friend,

I just sent this email out to IENs who have subscribed to my mailing list. “On May 18 I sent out an email asking specific people certain questions:

  • What are your expectations of me, of CELBANPrep and of IEPC?
  • Is there something, in particular, that I can do or provide for you?

Since then both my inbox and my mind have been full! I spent the first week answering questions and designing a new mail campaign to answer some of the most common questions and concerns:

  • Where do I start?
  • What is the use with the exam dates full?
  • Can we get feedback on our writing?
  • Should I take the IELTS or the CELBAN?

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