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Keepsake !! After 3x failing the IELTS, I finally passed my CELBAN exam in the first attempt!

Updated 2021

Dear Kim

I passed. Can you believe it? After three times failing the IELTS exam, I finally passed my CELBAN exam in the first attempt. I do not know how can I appreciate you. In fact, your great teaching method made my future bright in this country. Nobody knows my feeling now, it is like a flying. Finally my dreams come true with the help of God, your great teaching and my stamina.
My dearest friend.
 It was six months ago that I did not have any hope to pursue my job in this country. As I had passed the NCLEX exam before, the only barrier for me to become a registered nurse was the language proficiency exam; however, IELTS totally depleted my energy and I decided to quit my dream. My husband encouraged me to join the CELBANPrep course, but I had no trust to your course. Finally I joined the CELBANPrep course without any hope, I told my husband,” I attend this course because of you, but I know that it is useless!” I feel confident in stating that joining CELBANPrep course was the best gift that I have got in my life. When I was under a huge pressure,and I felt hopeless and helpless in this country, you act like a lighthouse to show me a right way in the stormy sea. You are in my heart and my mind for ever.
God Bless You

♥ Dear Kim, I never met you yet but just the way you motivates me i surely know …

Hi KIm,                                     
   I was so motivated by your stories and experiences with my countrymen and other immigrants. I really also miss home but sacrificed to leave my country to seek better opportunities as for my self and my profession. Becoming a nurse takes alot of sacrifice ,patience and heart. Thank you for being supportive in our plans to serve in your country. The honour of serving in this  profession is every nurse’s goal. I never met you yet but just the way you motivates me i surely know you are a kind and clean soul. A friend to keep . R

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HOPE ♥ What you have taught me, is the courage to try again and to believe in my self.

Hi Kim,

How are you? I hope you and your staff are all doing great. I wanted to say thank you so much for all the help most especially your words of encouragement.
That helped me to passed my Celban last June! Although I was not consistent in doing my assignments,what you have taught me, is the courage to try again and to believe in my self. To keep going even sometimes the road seems scary because of lots of challenges along the way.
Kim, you and your staff inspired me. Big thanks to you. I will always pray that everything will be in good shape, and that God always guide you so that all the more you can help IEN’s around the world.
You are such an inspiration. Thank you so much Kim!

♫ I pray that God will crown all your efforts and hard work In coaching us

Thanks Kim !
I am very very glad that winter is on its way
home. The brightness of the weather even up to 8.30pm
feels really good to me. I have  never had any weather like this in my life so, l feel very happy looking at that bright sky at night.
I don’t know how to thank You for your assistance
and I pray that God will crown all your efforts and hard work In coaching us with a very big success.

♥ You made my dream come true…

Dear Kim,

It’s been awhile since I talk to you and I’m so sorry for that. I went for vacation for a month but it doesn’t mean that I forgot you.  You made my dream come true.  You know Kim,celbanprep  is the only reason why I got my license and permit to practice.  I tried ielts. So many times and wasted so much money but with no success. My celbanprep subscriptions (listening, reading,speaking and speaking) is the right and the best division I ever made.  You are such a blessings to us.  I already recommended  you to all my friends.  By the way, I have a good news, CARNA accepted my registration in Quebec. They require me to submit an active registration from other province and my employers reference with a minimum of 1250 hours of practice as an RN. Then after that they told me that I am eligible to apply for registration and practice permit..  I am very happy and celbanprep is one of the reason for that success and also with prayers.  Right now I am preparing to apply online. Once again, thank you very much for your help, understanding and patience. God will bless you more for your kind heart….


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♥ I am thinking I am very weak in English.

Dear Kim,

To read your comments , [about my assignment for my writing tutoring] I  am thinking I am very weak in English. Sorry, I am consuming a lot of your’s precious time.  Thankyou for your patience.   Here, I am ready to work from starting and want to learn as you want to teach me. I might frustrate you with silly mistakes so please forgive me for that. I will work on this assignment as long as you think: I should be here. Wish you a great day.


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I enjoyed the Speaking Conference Call last Thursday

Dear Kim,

I enjoyed the Speaking Conference  Call last Thursday because I was able to meet you and the rest of the IENs students. It was very informative. And I find it challenging too, because you encourage everyone to talk and to give our opinions. I am a shy type and I find speaking is a difficult task when in a group like that. And usually what happen is that I am running out of the right words. But then, I find it interesting as we go along, and hearing the comments of the participants is benificial for English grammar learners like me.
Thank you very much for having this conference and I hope I can participate again next time till I pass a CELBAN exam.

♥ It has always been my dream to obtain my registered nursing in Canada.

It has always been my dream to obtain my registered nursing in Canada. I realized that there will be many obstacles to overcome and it will take a long time to achieve that goal. However I  strongly believe that one must remain focused and discipline oneself. In order to do this a person has to set specific time aside daily for studying. Do this by making a schedule. Try to remain focused  and avoid distractions like: unnecessary partying or socializing. The support of friends and family is vital. Maintain a balanced  lifestyle  between work, study and social life. Try to exercise and eat a well balanced diet. In conclusion this will all help to achieve your goal as a registered nurse in Canada.

NOTE: An Internationally Educated Nurse taking CELBANrep wrote this while learning how to write in a time constrained situation. It is a topic that most IENs I know struggle with, so I asked if I could post it here as motivation and inspiration. One thing I know about the writer is that this advice is embodied, and is the secret of success of passing the CELBAN after taking a CELBANPrep course. KK

♥ How can I tell you this with all honesty and integrity

Hi Kim I’m glad to hear from you again. Thank you very much for sending 2 and 3 of 5 practice test. Thank you also for the kind and inspiring words. As what you have said how can I tell you this with all honesty and integrity? To let you know Kim, you are only the person aside from my career coach who believes in foreign trained nurses like me. Hoping to meet you one day and personally thank you for all the help you have given me. Continue inspiring and encouraging people will make their dreams come true here in Canada.

Thank you and God Bless!!!

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♥ So glad that there’s someone like you who cares about the IEN like me

Hello Kim,
         Good day!
… Onething more Kim. Is there upcoming sale for the Celbanprep Courses? I am still waiting for the date of my exam and if I will receive confirmation, I am planning to get the courses and hope you can help me to pass to the exam. So glad that there’s someone like you who cares about the IEN like me. Hope you continue supporting us.

Many thanks F.

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