♥ So glad that there’s someone like you who cares about the IEN like me

Hello Kim,
         Good day!
… Onething more Kim. Is there upcoming sale for the Celbanprep Courses? I am still waiting for the date of my exam and if I will receive confirmation, I am planning to get the courses and hope you can help me to pass to the exam. So glad that there’s someone like you who cares about the IEN like me. Hope you continue supporting us.

Many thanks F.

Dear F.

… Thank you so much for your comments! Is there a reason why you wrote, “So glad that there’s someone like you who cares about the IEN like me. Hope you continue supporting us.”?

I really needed to hear that!

Yes, [there are two sales every month, because you signed up for the free resources, you will get a coupon in your inbox.]



Hello Kim,
It’s a very busy weekend for me. How’s ur weekend? …
Well, the reason why I mentioned that I am glad that there’s someone like you supporting the IENS like me is that I have alot of friends who came here together with their family with no luck. They said that when they recruited them, they promise the moon and the stars to them. Many sad stories really. Like what happened to me, They didn’t even bother to ask me why I did not get a chance to fix my registration and everything. The fact that I suffered from an illness throughout my pregnancy. My family is with me and I have 3 children. Is not that easy I guess. But anyway, I don’t want to think about that now because it really break my heart. I believe that God is watching us.
Many thanks, F


Dear F,

As for your reply to my question, I am grateful. I often have people who do not trust what I am doing, and I understand that. It has been important to me to be one person who is encouraging and telling the truth knowing how much information is either not known or withheld. Unfortunately the stories you have heard are the ones I have heard. At first I got really sad, then I got really mad. Then, I was shown how I could make a difference. I am glad you can see this.

I once heard someone say, “Just because other people do not see your gifts and talents does not mean they are not there.” Ferdinie, I see and I know you are an answer to prayers: prayers of people whose family members are sick and afflicted, prayers of people who need your goodness and kindness, prayers of people who need to hear your words of encouragement based on experience, prayers that have not even been said yet.

Other people may not know, but I know. And I thank you for your perseverance.


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