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YES! You can take the CELBAN exam at other sites, if your nearest location is full.

Updated 2021

Hello Kim,

Regarding the test dates, (I will be attending a free orientation regarding CELBAN here in Calgary, as I was trying to squeeze myself on the test dates that are already full until next year of May)  it’s the testing centre here in Calgary as posted on the CELBAN site: Immigration Language and Vocational Centre. Is there any testing centre that is conducted here in Calgary? I have little knowledge with CELBAN to be honest, it says there the test dates and says full. I hope this is wrong so I can still have hope in taking the exam by December or January. So I called that centre and asked if i have the chance to sit on the exam even if it’s already full, the lady said I can still register and take chances on the waiting list which I might be doing.
I think I would need help in writing, I need someone to correct me with my sentence construction and grammar as well. How much is the enrolment on this area, if i may ask?

Thank you again.


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CELBANPrep in Quebec ~ We are moving to Alberta

Hi, Kim,
Glad to receive the letter from you.
Let me introduce myself. I came originally from China about twenty years ago with my parents. We landed in Montreal, Quebec. I have never lived anywhere else since I came to Canada. I received my nursing degree in French here in Quebec. Then I started to work in a bilingual hospital as a registered nurse right after graduation. Currently, I’m still working in the same hospital and accumulated 9 years of experience as RN. My English skill was at a beginner level when I started to work and was improved over time through my work. However, I was never tested for my English skill. Recently, my husband got an opportunity to work in Alberta and I plan to move there with him. In order to be a registered nurse in Alberta, I need to pass an English proficiency test. This is actually the first time I heard about CELBAN. I want to be well prepared before writing this exam. I think my main weaknesses are writing and speaking, I wish that I will be able to pass the exam under your guidance.

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♦ Thank you for your persistence in making sure I pass my exam or even get registered with CELBAN

Hi Kim,
Thank you for your persistence in making sure I pass my exam or even get registered with CELBAN. I truly appreciate you.
Kim, I do not want to write any exam and will not get the cut off points, keep writing until frustrated out of it. What can I do to get my points at once is the issue here. Since I entered the country, I have heard of many people’s failure rate and success which is more scaring. Can you be off help here. I’ve never failed an exam and don’t want to fail this.
Thank you for replying me as usual.

Yours sincerely,

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How do I register for the CELBAN Exam Dates and locations? What happens when spaces are FULL?

Updated 2021

hi kim:

iam still practising  some of the tests sample,which takes a while as i have no internet acsess as i mentioned to you before ,but i found it so helpful .i have two questions for you if i want to register for the celban test how should i know which dates are available for registeration? for example i have looked at the upcoming schedule for test dates and locations,and i found that there are dates for january,february,and march ,but if i chose jan,and feb and both aren’t available will i need to apply new registeration with new dates or the registeration staff of celban will choose another date according to the availbility foe me?another thing according to the celban registeration form for the location there are only one space what if i want to write two different places is that possible? iam looking forward for your reply. thank you so much for your guidance and happy holidays!! M

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I’m just 6 month in Canada and my CLB score is 5-6…

Updated 2021

Dear Kim,

I’m an internationally Educated Nurse (I have gotten my education in three different countries: Uzbekistan, Israel and USA)
I have settled in part of  Atlantic Canada and started registration process with Nurses Association. One of the necessary documents that I have to provide is CELBAN or IELTS test. Unfortunately, there is no any sources for CELBAN preparation in this part of Canada.Therefore I’m interesting in on-line sources for CELBAN preparation.I’m just 6 month in Canada and my CLB score is 5-6.I haven’t taken IELTS or CELBAN tests before.

§ Finally I have received a source for help!

Dear kim,

Delightfully i have spent more than an hour to satisfy myself by reviewing the above posted comments and i must say “finally” i have recieved a source for help:)
I’m recent graduate IEN residing in toronto, waiting for my evaluation from CNO. According to recent changes in language fluency requirement i have set up my mind to take either IELTS or CELBAN exam, what would you suggest me the easiest option to achieve the required score.
looking forward to recieve guidance from you.

Thank You.

Mrs. Ali

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$ If my language of instruction is English, in the Philippines, am I required to take the IELTS/CELBAN exam?

Dear Friends,

Hi, I’m a recent nurse graduate from the Philippines and worked in the hospital for 5 months. Recently, my family and I acquired the Canadian Visa and are now set to go to Canada on August 27th. Just a question though, if my school’s language of instruction is English (and considering that English is widely spoken here in our country, nursing textbooks and exams are in that language as well and I’m comfortable speaking/writing in that medium), am I still required to take the IELTS/CELBAN exam? I am really anxious about my future as a nurse there and would like to work as soon as possible.

Hoping for some guidance.

Miss D

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Why is CELBANPrep online? How i can register for the CELBAN exam?

Hi kim,
 I want to know if you have any office in Toronto because i want to attend  preparatory classes, i also want to know how i can register for the CELBAN exam. Can you give me the contact number please. T

♥ I’m not sure about what I want to do in the future

Hello Kim,
I’m from the Europe and I’m one year in Canada, because I have a work permit for one year.( until October 2012 )
In the Europe I’m a Regristred Nurse, but in Canada I have to do a lot of things before I can work in a hospital.
In November Last year I started with English at Global Village, I also passed the FCE exam; First Certificate in English.
On this moment I’m following a preperation course for IELTS, but this is sometimes difficult and mostly not medical related.
I saw on the list from CARNA with the required language that it is also possible to do the CELBAN test
What do you reccommend me to do, the IELTS or the CELBAN
Are there any classes which I can join or do you have more information about it ?
I don’t have a CLB score, but I will try tomorrow to do a on-line assessment.

I hope you have enough information about my

Thank you again

Greetings A

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How is your subscription to CELBANPrep an investment?

Dear IEN,

Subscribing to CELBANPrep is an investment in your future. CELBANPrep has been created as a resource to assist you in your licensure process allowing you to become a nurse quicker and cheaper as compared to preparing for the CELBAN alone.

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