How is your subscription to CELBANPrep an investment?

Dear IEN,

Subscribing to CELBANPrep is an investment in your future. CELBANPrep has been created as a resource to assist you in your licensure process allowing you to become a nurse quicker and cheaper as compared to preparing for the CELBAN alone.

CELBANPrep was created when I worked at an employment agency with Internationally Educated Professionals. I searched for resources, books, handouts, guides, anything to assist my Internationally Educated Nurses to prepare for this exam. I found nothing. With a Master in Education and experience teaching communication skills to university students I began to teach classes. It began slowly: with CELBAN writing. I learned about the writing assignments and the time restraints. So I began to teach my IENs how to write in a time efficient manner. It worked. They were able to write a report in less than 20 minutes! I expanded, focusing on the other parts. I knew they were progressing faster than if I had not helped them.

Through CELBANPrep they all gained confidence. Again and again I celebrated when they passed the exam! It was my greatest joy! I was able to support them as they went through the rest of the licensure process. Through CELBANPrep I support you too, giving you tips and suggestions on how to use your time effectively so that you begin preparing for the Canadian Registered Nurse Exam now!

No longer employed at the employment centre, I was determined to make a difference for IENs across Canada. Inspired by the wonderful people I had met from around the world, I decided to take what I had learned and created to make it available to IENs across the nation through the internet. I decided to create CELBANPrep. I know that CELBANPrep is cheaper than any other resources: I made it that way, so that these resources are available worldwide at a reasonable prices: even in India, Mexico and the Philippines! And if you are in Canada, you can send more money to family back home.

How did I know that? I knew I was making a difference because of how many Internationally Educated Nurses came to me having taken the exam and failed, some over and over again: paying over and over again, not knowing how to do better. Some had even taken English for Nurses classes at the local college. Many were on their final attempt, with greater pressure to succeed. They did not want to pay for the exam and to lose the money.

CELBANPrep is a storehouse of resources: inspired by IENs for IENs. CELBANPrep was created to fill a need that has not been filled by anyone else: to provide materials to assist you, Friend, as an Internationally Educated Nurse, to prepare for the CELBAN. Have you found any other resources? CELBANPrep is filling that gap, providing the resources, instruction and support. In this way CELBANPrep is sustaining dreams: both mine and yours. It is sustaining you in obtaining the life you have dreamed of here in Canada at a faster rate than if you did it alone. And CELBANPrep is sustaining my dreams of tapping into my skills and abilities as a writer, as a graphic artist, as a teacher as a humanitarian sensitive to global issues.

I know that subscribing to CELBANPrep will save you both time and money. I know because I have seen it time and time again. You too will come to see that subscribing to CELBANPrep is a wise decision.

In knowing all this, I have treated every dollar spent in purchasing CELBANPrep resources as an investment into CELBANPrep and IEPC. It is because of those who have come before you that I have been able: to dedicate my time and talents; to do one-on-one speaking consultations; to have the software to create the videos, lessons, study guides and practice exams;Β  to provide free study guides and practice exams; to travel and meet people in person.

Investing in CELBANPrep is not only an investment in yourself, it is an investment that makes the path more smooth for those that follow you.



2 responses to “How is your subscription to CELBANPrep an investment?

  1. Dear Kim,
    Being my teacher, I would like to thank you for all your help and support. Truly, Celbanprep is a good source for a Celban review and it is a big help for IENs like me. Without Celbanprep and You, perhaps I would not be able to pass the Celban exam. Yeah, I’ve got a successful scores for all skills in Celban and I’m so happy that I made it and you are a part of this success. Thank you so much!!!

    • Dear Maria,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me about your results here on Dear Kim! I am so excited to hear that you passed in all of the skills! You are a hard worker, and have been working diligently towards this goal! I am so very impressed and glad to have you as part of the team of IENs exploring my book: CRNEPrep for IENs. It has been a rewarding experience getting to know you! I am also glad that you were able to overcome your shyness to perform well on CELBAN Speaking. Please keep in touch as you progress towards your dream of becoming a nurse in Canada!

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