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How long does it take to get my report from NNAS?

The length of time it takes to receive a report from the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS) depends on several factors, including the volume of applications, the complexity of your assessment, and the speed of the assessment process.

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What is NNAS?

NNAS (National Nursing Assessment Service) is a program in Canada that helps internationally educated nurses (IENs) to become registered to practice nursing in Canada.

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How does the CELBAN prepare me for a career as a nurse in Canada?

The Canadian English Language Benchmark Assessment for Nurses (CELBAN) is a language proficiency test that assesses the English skills of Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) who want to practice nursing in Canada.

By passing the CELBAN, IENs demonstrate that they have the language proficiency necessary to effectively communicate with patients, colleagues, and healthcare providers in the Canadian healthcare system.

Here are a few ways in which the CELBAN prepares IENs for a career as a nurse in Canada:

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When should I take CELBANPrep; are you still deciding?

Hi Kim.. I’ve been worried about how the test set up would be if I take my second try.. Do they give same questions in writing listening and reading as what I had in my first try? Q.

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I haven’t taken IELTS or CELBAN before.

Hi Kim!
Im good! Thanks! How are you?  I am working as a live-in caregiver.
I am from the Philippines. I’ve been here for almost a year and 10 months. I haven’t taken IELTS or CELBAN before.
I’ve read some of the letters from your ‘Dear Kim’ and I kinda relate myself to some of them though I haven’t taken any exams yet but being clueless is. And I got excited with how you’re able to helped them passed! 🙂 Im planning to take CELBAN hopefully last quarter of this year that’s why Im really eager to start reviewing. Hope to hear from you soon!
Thanks for responding! 🙂
P.S. Pardon my grammar.

$ Finding a job in Canada is not an easy thing [for IENs]

The following was posted as an assignment for CELBANPrep Writing Tutoring.

Finding a job in Canada is not an easy thing. I need to prepare  a resume that introduces myself very well and hopefully leaves a memorable first impression on the employers. As an IEN, I should improve my English proficiency by studying English all the time. The license is the prerequisite to be a registered nurse in Canada legally. If I get the things done as I mentioned above, I will search the advertisements for employment or ask friends to offer me job opportunities in the nursing home or hospital. Lastly, if I have the chance to work in Canada, I would work very hard to maintain my position in  a healthcare facility, otherwise I would do job hunt again. Lijuan

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§ CELBAN Writing: Are articles important?

While CELBANPrep is an exam preparation course and not an English course, we do focus on grammar during the 8 lessons delivered over 8 weeks for CELBANPrep Writing. One weakness of many IENs is articles. Articles are those tiny words like: a, an, the.

Are articles important?

Consider these two sentences:

  • I also have an opportunity to loan ….
  • I also have an opportunity to a loan …

The only difference is an “a”. What is the difference in meaning?

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♥ I’m not sure about what I want to do in the future

Hello Kim,
I’m from the Europe and I’m one year in Canada, because I have a work permit for one year.( until October 2012 )
In the Europe I’m a Regristred Nurse, but in Canada I have to do a lot of things before I can work in a hospital.
In November Last year I started with English at Global Village, I also passed the FCE exam; First Certificate in English.
On this moment I’m following a preperation course for IELTS, but this is sometimes difficult and mostly not medical related.
I saw on the list from CARNA with the required language that it is also possible to do the CELBAN test
What do you reccommend me to do, the IELTS or the CELBAN
Are there any classes which I can join or do you have more information about it ?
I don’t have a CLB score, but I will try tomorrow to do a on-line assessment.

I hope you have enough information about my

Thank you again

Greetings A

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§ Why it is not allowed to mentioned “I” or “me” in writing reports?


I corrected those 2 sentences where I used “I” and “me”. There is a saying in [my] language, “It happens to bigger houses”. So, it can happens to me too, isn’t it? But is learning time and I want to be like a child with many questions and to ask you, why it is not allowed to mentioned “I” or “me”. Can be this one answer? Because the report will be signed and it is understood that I did what I wrote, except the time when I asked for help?



(CELBANPrep Writing Subscriber)

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Can I work as an LPN in Canada if I am an RN in BC?

I found this question, someone had typed as a search term:

Can I work as an LPN in Canada if I am an RN in BC?

I decided to answer this question to the best of my abilities.

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