When should I take CELBANPrep; are you still deciding?

Hi Kim.. I’ve been worried about how the test set up would be if I take my second try.. Do they give same questions in writing listening and reading as what I had in my first try? Q.

j0443Dear Q,

Have I sent you these suggestions before?
Passing the CELBAN is not about getting a score on an exam, it is about knowing the English language. If you have not passed the exam previously, it is not about points, it is about your understanding of the English language. The CELBAN is about benchmarks, where each benchmark is equivalent to a grade. How much work did it take you to go from one grade level to another? A whole year. How long will it take you to go up one benchmark? A whole year. If you failed by more than one point, more than one grade, it will take time and dedication to get the score. And with the fact that you only get three chances to take the CELBAN, and your exam will expire in two years but it will take longer to become an RN, you really can not take any chances. You must pass the next time. You must be confident that you will pass, with high scores, in all areas.
Is there any question about your decision?
Do you really want to trust your career on whether you get the same questions or not? Or do you really want to take the time to learn the language and the Canadian culture, so that you pass?
What are you going to decide?
The provincial colleges of nurses have a responsibility to Canadian patients. Their responsibility is to ensure competent nurses. Communication is vital in health care teams. If you are unable to understand doctor’s orders, or the patient is unable to understand you; a patient can be harmed as a result of poor communication. This is simply not acceptable.
And yet here you are deciding.
I just searched through my inbox to see if you told me your score. I discovered you have been writing to me since November 2012. At that time you had not taken the CELBAN. So you must have taken it some time since then. You have been going back and forth, between deciding about taking CELBANPrep or not taking it. So much time has passed. Had you simply made the decision in November, I would have encouraged you not to take the exam until we are both confident that you will pass in both the speaking and writing. Having worked with me and your writing coach, you would have practiced so much you would have been able to turn your weaknesses into strengths.
And yet here you are still deciding.
Meanwhile over a hundred nurses have made the decision and taken CELBANPrep. Many have taken the exam, passed and are on the next step of their licensure process.
And here you are still deciding.
Time is passing. Valuable time is being wasted. Let us consider something.
  • If you subscribed to CELBANPrep in November, you could have taken the exam by now.
  • But you did not, so let’s say you subscribe now, 8 months later.
  • Or maybe you allow indecision to prevent you from subscribing for a whole year.
Let’s go fast forward to two years from now.
  • Having taken CELBANPrep in November, you are an RN in the summer of 2015. You are making $35/hr.
  • Having subscribed to CELBANPrep in July, you are a Graduate Nurse in the summer of 2015. You are making $25/hr. It will take you another 8 months to become an RN. You have lost 8 months wages at $35/hr. You have lost $45,000.
  • Having waited a whole year, you are still a nursing assistant in the summer of 2015. You are making $18/hr. It will take you another year to become an RN. You have lost a years wages at $35/hr. You have lost $70,000.
There is a cost to indecision and procrastination.
What are your losses going to be $45,000 or $70,000 or even more? And now I ask you, in considering how much you have already lost, how does the price of CELBANPrep compare?
It is your decision. Indecision is a decision. Are you going to continue making that decision? Or are you going to act?
Are you still deciding?

4 responses to “When should I take CELBANPrep; are you still deciding?

  1. Kim I have read that you do one on one tutor for speaking.is that through skpyping or video chat? Kim I will subscribe to that $649 bundle is there a chance I can buy that 50% off? I received an email that it says there I have coupon. Can I use my coupon in subscribing the $649? Thank you for the reply


    • Dear Gil,
      I am smiling as I read your comment, you are persistent. And that is good. Persistence means that you have a good future ahead of yourself. It is those that are persistent that have the best results with CELBANPrep and the CELBAN exam.

      There are two things for Speaking: Monthly Conference Calls, using software similar to Skype but it also allows me to show a powerpoint and go to the internet while I am practicing each task in a group setting. And One-on-One consultations. These have been traditionally by phone or using the same software. (See http://www.speaking.celbanprep.info).

      Just to note, the Writing Tutoring uses a forum type format. If you know how to send a comment/email you will do just fine submitting writing assignments and working with your writing coach. (See http://www.writing.celbanprep.info.)

      $649 is the price of CELBANPrep GOLD, which is not available at this time. It is $599 for CELBANPrep Course Bundle (Speaking and Writing). For more information go to http://www.celbanprep.info.

      The 50% off coupon you received through your subscription to How to Prepare for the CELBAN at http://www.celban.info (or on Twitter or Facebook) is only for the CELBANPrep Study Bundle: Study Guide and Sample Tests for reading and listening.

      Have a sun shiny day!

  2. Kim im gil, I just started my review.for now I only subscribed for the celbanprep listening complete.kim there are only 2 sample test for each task.Im already done with it.kim I want to do more practice exam in listening.are you gonna send me another exercises for the listening?kim my exam is on september already.

    • Dear Gil,
      I am so glad you were able to access/purchase the CELBANPrep Listening Complete, with the study guide and sample tests. As you know, the only way to improve your listening skills is to practice. For this reason there are ample suggestions on resources for you to use to practice your listening in a medical context, in the CELBANPrep Listening Study Guide. As you know simply reading a book or repeating tests is not a successful test taking strategy. You actually have to learn the language! Since you are already on Dear Kim, please click on the Quick Pick: CELBANPrep Listening. there are a few other posts there with links to resources and explain that getting a 10 in listening is about reaching a benchmark, or a grade, rather than accumulating points. A 10 is at the university level. If your listening skills are only at a junior high or high school level it will take time and a great deal of work to increase your score to one that is acceptable by the provincial college of nurses. If this is your first time taking the CELBAN, relax and enjoy, Use it as a learning experience. If it is your second or third time, read the posts under: WARNING about the CELBAN. Finally, the Sample Tests are not provided as a means of evaluation; they are provided so that you can become familiar with the format of the exam.
      All the best.

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