$ Finding a job in Canada is not an easy thing [for IENs]

The following was posted as an assignment for CELBANPrep Writing Tutoring.

Finding a job in Canada is not an easy thing. I need to prepare  a resume that introduces myself very well and hopefully leaves a memorable first impression on the employers. As an IEN, I should improve my English proficiency by studying English all the time. The license is the prerequisite to be a registered nurse in Canada legally. If I get the things done as I mentioned above, I will search the advertisements for employment or ask friends to offer me job opportunities in the nursing home or hospital. Lastly, if I have the chance to work in Canada, I would work very hard to maintain my position in  a healthcare facility, otherwise I would do job hunt again. Lijuan

… [I]n reading this now I am wondering if you would grant me permission to post it on my blog, Dear Kim, so people can learn from you how to find a job in Canada? If you do, would you like me to write your name, or just your initial?
If you have not seen it, click here: https://dear-kim.com/

Dear Kim, if you post my writing on your blog, i would be very happy. You can put my name on it…. read more of Lijuan’s message.

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