CT4 – BUSY MOM & DAD: ⏱️ Do you have an ideas of how a busy mom with a toddler can study?

Updated this week

Dear Kim,

I finally finished doing the assignment. I timed myself and I was not able to make the 30 minutes required time for this task. I am always not successful when it comes to timing. I actually started doing the task 2 days ago. You know I am a full time mom and I cannot do this task when my little toddler is around. I tried doing this task using pen and paper but he keeps on grabbing my pen and crumpling the paper. When I am in front of the computer, he would put his hand on the keyboard and will start typing. That is why I ended up submitting the assignment too late or not submitting at all. Sorry for that and I look forward to see your comments or corrections on my assignment. I am really eager to learn from you.

Sincerely, Mary


Dear Mary,

What a wonderful question, Mary. I often have people asking me about this or that when it comes to the CELBAN exam, but very few people write to me and ask me questions like this: about life, about managing time, about figuring out how and when to study. And yet, so many people struggle with exactly these kinds of issues and situations.

That is the thing about CELBANPrep courses being online! I created it when my daughter was young, understanding what it is like to work, go to school and be a mom. So, I have integrated that knowledge and experience into the lesson planning and the assignments. So, CELBANPrep has never been just about getting an acceptable score for an English exam. Because I am a Life Skills Coach with a career development background, CELBANPrep’s online classes have This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cpu-ct4-articles.pngalways integrated:

  1. Life skills,
  2. Time management, and
  3. Career development.

So, while you are preparing for the exam, through CELBANPrep, you are also preparing for life! And your career as a nurse in Canada. The skills I teach – that you don’t even know you are learning – foster greater success, greater happiness, in less time!

It is Lesson One of CELBANPrep Writing Level One that I introduce you to the topic of brainstorming and mind mapping. So, let us brainstorm a few ideas and see if you can come up with a few of your own. Here are some ideas:

If timing is a problem maybe it would be good for you to do one part at a time, for 5-10 minutes when your toddler is preoccupied eating or napping. It may be more productive this way.

On another note, do you use a sling or backpack for him? If he is two and you have been doing so since he was little you would be strong enough for the next suggestion, if not your back may not be strong enough.

When my daughter was born I took her in a sling or backpack everywhere. I even took her to my dance lessons. She was in a sling while I danced until she was 2. When she was a baby she did not like to be down, so I even had her in the sling when I cooked and baked. I learned this from a friend whose baby did not walk until three. Every time I visited her, baby was in the backpack while she worked in the kitchen.

If baby is in a backpack you can write or work at the computer without him grabbing anything but your hair! 😊


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