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Hello again! First of all, i want to  say thank you for all the support you have given me despite the fact that i was not able to become an active student that time. My first experience to take the CELBAN early this year still went smooth despite  my tremendous lack of self confidence and time ( as i described to you my condition before). Kim i got 8 for speaking, 10 for listening, 9 for reading…..BUT a very huge BUT only 6 for writing. The result was fine at first because i tried to console my self that i could just try LPN and not go for RN anymore for when i got my result that was the time that CLPN in our province were accepting applicants with some differences in the English assessment results. After 6 months CLPN approved me for CCA  but they still want me to update my English result. That was the time that my heart shattered because first, i tried to settle for less than what i dream to become; second was  that  the next available spot for CELBAN is March ; third, i din’t know anymore how to approach the writing  and lastly, i will have to be retested again for listening. Its just recently that i managed to forgive myself and forego of the wrong decisions that i made.  From this moment , my experience made me more matured in approaching my goal. I had learned another life lesson  and now i need  to apply it. Kim, with humility, please recommend to me any [reources] for the writing and listening that you think would be able to help me. Thank you very much for reading my letter. S


Dear S,
Thanks for the message. Congratulations on your scores in reading, listening and speaking! This is very impressive. As for writing, I have a few questions:

  1. Which modules did you complete in the CELBANPrep Grammar Series?
  2. Did you complete CELBANPrep Level One before taking CELBANPrep Writing Level Two?
  3. How many assignments were you able to complete for each level?
  4. Were you taking a CELBAN online course or class through CELBANPrep University?

That may be why you only got a 6 in writing.  If you turned your weaknesses in grammar into strengths through intensive studies, if you worked with someone who reviewed your work using the CELBANPrep Method, if you completed more assignments and reached Level Two, then you would have passed everything on the exam!

It is important to realize that when it comes to listening and reading these skills are internal: so you can do them alone.

But when it comes to speaking and writing these skills are external; and so, it is best to have your work evaluated by someone that will assist you in identifying your weaknesses and turning them into strengths.

What that means is that having someone observe what you are doing when you are speaking and writing is VITAL to increasing your score on the professional communication part of the CELBAN. It is VITAL for you to record your self, to do a self-evaluation – that is included – and to develop the skills you are required to demonstrate. For CELBAN Speaking these basic life skills are:

  • Using open ended statements,
  • Organizing your thoughts so you communicate in a clear and organized fashion,
  • Introducing and concluding what you are talking about,
  • Being clear in your word choice (correct grammar and sequencing), and
  • Dealing with conflict in a way that is consistent with the Canadian Culture.

When it comes to your process, it is too bad that you decided to accept less than you deserve, simply because you did not manage your time well enough to make time to prepare for the writing. Those people who pass the exam in all areas work hard, know of their value and worth, and make time to do what they need to do to get things done. Are you finally at that point? If you are then it has not been a waste of a year, because you have learned an important lesson that will carry you through the rest of the process. But, please do not be over confident about your scores in the other areas. I have known people who focus on one area, who end up getting a lesser score in an area they once excelled in. So, your scores in reading, listening and speaking are neither safe nor guaranteed.  Meaning, focusing only on your writing can also be a detrimental decision.

Ensure you focus on all four skills, for the next time you write the exam, and you will have much greater success.

I am glad, S, that you recognize the work that I have done in creating CELBANPrep courses and classes online! I am glad you acknowledge that what I created helped you to prepare for the exam the first time. And I am glad that you acknowledge that it can help you this time around. Most of all I am glad that you have discovered something about yourself. Hopefully this is the ingredient you were missing last year.

This time, ensure you hire a writing coach that works as  hard as you do: and motivates you on your journey!

Also, if you do not submit assignments or integrate feedback received, then you really are missing out on an opportunity.  In other words, unless you are committed to yourself and to becoming a nurse there is no real point in going forward until your heart is in it with full dedication.

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So the question remains: how committed are you, really, to being a nurse here in Canada? Because if you are not committed, I assure you there are many others that are; and it is they that will be tending to you and your family and your friends when you go to the doctor or to the hospital.

Your life is a manifestation of the decisions you make. If you don’t like where you are today, make new decisions so that you end up where you want to be.

You took one step by contacting me, engaging with CELBANPrep University online courses and classes could be the next step, but your purchase is worthless without effort, time, practice, and consistency.

Ambition, drive and determination are not characteristics that can be purchased; they come from within. They reside within all of us, but only some of us learn how to tap into this expansive source of energy and motivation. And that is what makes the difference between those IENs who become nurses in Canada and those that do not.

I am here for you, but what I really want to know is are you here for yourself?


I appreciate every word of your response. I had to read it three times for me to fully absorb your message. Kim i would not say anything more now, simply because i learned that its not what i said, but what i do. Thank you very much for showing me the reality of what my actions are leading me and please don’t stop because its what i needed.

Once more, thank you for your presence. S


Dear S,

It is with deep humility that I read your response.  I was pretty bold in my letter with you, and uncertain about how you would take it. I appreciate that you read it several times, to absorb what I was expressing and communicate, because it was with deep caring and concern… but I was n0t sure if that came through.

When I was pregnant I had a midwife. She was a wonderful woman, very gentle and kind. And so as I was in labour I was quite calm and relaxed. But at one point in time I screamed, as I had seen happen in movies. Immediately the pain intensified. I had lost my center. “I can’t so this!” I yelled. With calm firmness the midwife said to me, “Get it together, Kim. You can and you will do this!” It was like a slap across my face. But I knew she was right. The words stung, but they sobered me. I regained my center. I regained my composure, and I relaxed into the process trusting my body once again.

We only get once chance at life. What we live is what we create, from our actions.

And I was amazed to see you act so quickly and with immediacy. It told me that you are very serious about this, about being a nurse in Canada, and are finally ready to take control of your future by making solid decisions.

I appreciate, and am touched deeply and to tears by your words, ” Thank you very much for showing me the reality of what my actions are leading me and please don’t stop because its what i needed.”  I am touched and moved by your humility to be able to admit that this is what you needed, and your request for me to continue to walk with you down this path. You are a courageous and amazing woman to accept my words; others would be enraged and cut me off with only bad things to say. But here you are motivated and grateful. That speaks a great deal to your character. I am glad that I took the time to write this letter, from the very core of my being, if it means that you found yourself in the process. 

What a beautiful phrase, “thank you for your presence.” It is because of this expression that I will end with a special signature that I use with friends and loved ones:

In Spirit,


Learn the Secret to Success. Explore CELBANPrep University. 

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