1G* HOPE!! I PASSeD MY CELBAN!!! I’m so happy I subscribed to CELBANPrep=)

Updated 2021

Hi Kim,

I sent an email a week or so ago regarding my result… At first, I was so depressed and sad regarding my result: Speaking- 8, Listening -10, Reading 9 and Writing -6. I was very disappointed  because I spent most hours practicing the Writing part compare to the other components of CELBAN. It was a huge challenge for me and I was about to give up. My fiancΓ©e encouraged me not to loss hope and ask me about how I did in my Writing. I said,” I thought I was able to pass and failed on my Speaking because I was so nervous”. From there, we decided to have my Writing re scored and rechecked again. My Writing score was changed from 6-7. I PASSeD MY CELBAN!!! And you are one of the reasons why I made it. Thank you so much Kim! Godbless you always.

P.S: I’m still waiting for the collocation book to come out.hehehe. I’m so happy I subscribed to CELBANPrep=). Also, Happy Mother’s Day in advance.You are such a wonderful person Kim ^_______^Thanks,

Dear Y,

 I am so very glad you had your exam rescored. People often go through this process, but very few come out with a change in their mark. I am certain that your results in the listening, reading, and speaking influenced their decision. How could someone with a 10 in listening, a 9 in reading and a 8 in speaking not get a 7 in writing?
I am even more excited about your results considering your stops and starts, how uncertain you were about whether you were ready to write the exam, and the challenges you faced in finding motivation to study. I would love it if you wrote something about that process, for me, and your experiences during the exam. There are many many people who contact me on a regular basis who struggle with feeling confident enough to take the exam, or who struggle with feeling burdened without enough time to prepare.
Congratulations on choosing such a great man, who supports you and encourages you, as a fiance. It is a blessing to be treated with such respect. I am happy for you, Y. I am glad you have him by your side. So you have many many things to celebrate.
As for my book on Collocations, it will come. I have been working on preparing everything for Amazon.
Just the other day I was thinking about it again, “If this book on medical collocations is simply a dictionary, what can I do to make it more digestible:  handouts? quizzes?” Immediately the idea followed, “Create a course.” Well of course! A Medical Collocations Course for Internationally Educated Health Professionals. Now, wouldn’t that be something?
So Y, thank you for your comment. To me it is pure encouragement. And you are the first one to know about it!
I am so happy you subscribed to CELBANPrep too!
Thank you for the Happy Mother’s Day wish.
Please stay in touch, Y. Keep me informed about the wedding, and your progress!

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