If you are with me then definitely I will pass this [CELBAN] test.

Hi Dear Kim

I am so glad you give me such a good information about CELBAN [from How to Prepare for the CELBAN at http://www.celban.info] and also Reading exam. I am living in Toronto and here is no any source for preparing this test. Hopefully I will do this test under your supervision. I gave IELTS and I got only 6.5 bands I am so disappointed. I passed my RPN exam only English requirement is left. One thing more please tell me is there any course for CELBAN or any exams for all modules I can do it.

If you are with me then definitely I will pass this test.

Best Regards,

indian lady with trunksDear J…
How can I not smile to read, “I am so glad you give me such a good information about CELBAN and also Reading exam”?

Congratulations on passing the RPN. With English your only requirement do you have a deadline? A 6.5 is very good but it will take time, and hard work to increase it to accepted scores. The information about courses I teach is available at www.celbanprep.info. While Speaking is 4 lessons in 4 weeks and writing is 8 lessons in 8 weeks, some people take longer to pass the mid session evaluation for writing. So for some people it takes more than 8 weeks to complete CELBANPrep Writing.

I am smiling again with your comment, “If you are with me then definitely I will pass this test.” How do you know this with such great confidence? Who have you been talking to or what have you been reading? Because it seems you already know me! I will do my very best to help you to prepare for the exam, but it is a partnership and you must be willing to practice.

I just posted two posts from people who tool CELBANPrep, today. I think you might like reading them:


Please write back…

Have a most wonderful day, J!


Hi Kim
Good Evening,
It’s nice to hear from you again. I am not talking to anybody but I read your all blogs which are very energetic to me. You are helping us with GOD’s grace. I don’t know why I felt like that I can do CELBAN because of you.I am with you.
Thank you once again.
Best regards
Dear J,

Again, I am smiling… In reading, how can I not reply to a message like this?!  All I do is smile when I read your messages. It feeds my heart and soul. I lack the words to express how deeply your words touch me. It is wondrous to me to know that someone I have never met has read the posts on my blog knows my intentions and feels energized. It truly is through God’s grace. It is God’s grace that I was blessed with the gift of writing and then the gift of teaching. It is with God’s grace that I have been able to meet so many truly wonderful people. It is through God’s grace that you feel as you do, a certainty that if I am with you you will pass the CELBAN….
I so look forward to walking on this journey with you.
Dear J, as you read this know, you are now a source of light and inspiration to others. KK


2 responses to “If you are with me then definitely I will pass this [CELBAN] test.

  1. Rogelio De Chavez

    Dear Kim,
    I am Rogelio De Chavez ,I am just arrived in Vancouver.I want to take celban for me to cotinue my nursing career.Are you conducting celban prep,I want to take celban on Aug 2017.Thank you.

    • Dear Rogelio, How did your exam go in August? CELBANPrep has been under renovation for a while. Our resources are now available only on Amazon, but soon to be on Youtube as well. Check them out. KK

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