300♫ I have taken my [CELBAN] exam today…

Update 2021

Dear Kim
I have taken my exam today. It was not bad. The listening part was 60 questions and it was more difficult than what I expected. I have answered all of the qustions, but I am not sure abot their correctness,I hope that I can get 10. The other three parts was exactly as the same as you taught. The only diference was in the number of questions in reading. I wrote the incident report in 18 minutes…. BTW, I realy appreciate your great teaching, during the exam I was so confident and I was not under a huge pressure. I finished all parts on time. I feel confident in stating that your teaching method along with ongoing practice can make a miracle.
Sincerely, R

Dear R,

I just read your e-mail. When I read, “during the exam I was so confident and I was not under a huge pressure”  I threw my hands up in celebration! YES! Now that puts the biggest smile on my face!

In all reality my goal is not about people passing the exam. My goal is to foster confidence to decrease exam anxiety.

It is my belief that when people are confident they can perform to the best of their ability. That is why I created the Secrets to Success MasterMind with the focus on Mastering Your Psychology
I am so very thrilled that I am touched to tears. Thank you. Thank you for writing and letting me know that you indeed felt confident, and in turn felt less stress. I am so very pleased that you finished all part on time, and you had enough time…when you were writing the report. (In 2013 when this was written, more time was given during the Writing task.)
Furthermore I appreciate your comment that my “method along with ongoing practice can make a miracle.” In doing so you honoured the partnership acknowledging yourself in the process. So many people thank me for all my work, and neglect to acknowledge all the work they themselves have done. It pleases me that this partnership was honoured for what it was.

A teacher is only as good as the student; a student is only as good as the teacher.

I hope that you celebrated, even before the results come in. It is important to celebrate all you have done, and to acknowledge that you have done the very best of your ability. Celebrating your journey of learning and discovery is important, regardless of outcome.
My daughter shared with me a video entitled “I will not Let my Exam Marks Decide my Fate” and follow up to “Why I love Education but Hate School”. Every day I meet people who build their identity on exam scores. Every day I meet people who feel like a failure when the get a score below what is required by the provincial colleges of nursing. Every day I meet people who underestimate the value of the learning process: their education. Every day I work to build each and every individual up to remember who they are, where they have come from, and how brilliant and capable they are.
So, R, please celebrate while you remember who you are, what you have done, how far you have come, and how brilliant you really are. In doing so you will allow the light within to shine more brilliantly, with greater strength, allowing greater longevity.
I can not wait to celebrate with you! I am going to miss you, so please, no matter which direction the wind takes you, always stay in touch.

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4 responses to “300♫ I have taken my [CELBAN] exam today…

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  2. Cherry Sachdeva

    Hi Kim,
    I just read the above statement of person named “R” who gave the exam yesterday.I have started my preparation for CELBAN and i have started on listening part first.I am still confused about its preparation that should i just complete my 1 section or go on with all the sections together.Can you please reply me back?I will appreciate that.Thank you.
    Cherry Sachdeva

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