♫ CELBAN Writing Reports: whenever I do [CELBANPrep] writing exercises… my brain just works miracles.

Updated 2021

Honestly I had a tough time with Lesson 4. It took me 10 minutes to finish the task but you were right, EVERYDAY PRACTICE MAKES A DIFFERENCE.
 Now, maximum of 15-16 minutes to make a report.

Dear M,
I am so keen to understand. Are you telling me you wrote this, or other, reports in 15-16 minutes? If so: WOHOO!!! EXCELLENT! I am so proud and impressed! You are doing what you need to do. It is the daily practice that makes a difference! I am so please that you wrote,
Would you like to write about what you have seen in your growth and progress since we began working together that makes you say that? I would love to share your experiences as encouragement for other people who have subscribed to CELBANPrep University and take CELBANPrep Writing Level One to prepare for CELBAN Writing Task 1, CELBAN Writing Task 2, and CELBAN Speaking.
I might add it in the welcome package to help people understand how important it is to practice, practice, practice.

Yes! Suprisingly it only took me 15-16 minutes to do everything. I noticed that whenever I do writing exercises as often as I can, it boost my thinking reflex. What I mean is, my brain just work miracles. Since the beginning, I never doubted you Kim. Something inside me is telling me that you can help me. All the weekly exercises and especially the words of encouragement made me work so hard. Your unending stories, suggestions, care, prayers and a lot more are the things that made me determined to excel. For that, my endless THANK YOU!

Dear M,

I am so pleased with your progress. Yes! The brain can do miracles. All that I am doing, through CELBANPrep is to teach you how to “boost [your] thinking reflex.” I am teaching you, through repeat practice, how to improve your speed in generating ideas and how to improve your speed in writing and editing. It is the same principles as a runner or a swimmer, but with your brain, your thinking, your writing.
You are creating the synapses in your prain, one layer, one energy pulse at a time. And the more you do that, the stronger the synapse gets. Then, all of a sudden, you are doing it unconsciously competent. 
That is what CELBANPrep University is all about: getting you to a stage of unconscious compentence so that when you take the exam demonstrating the skills is natural. You can demonstrate them when you are:
  • Interacting with Others,
  • Getting Things Done,
  • Giving and Receiving Instructions, and
  • Understanding Information.
When you reach the stage of unconscious competence you are filled with confidence, courage and grace because you don’t have to try, you don’t have to force your self, you don’t even have to remember. You can simply do it: because you have developed the synapses in your brain, because you have been practicing. 
As a result, you are Mastering Your Psychology.
I fully believe, M, that it is possible to experience what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls “flow” during an exam. I believe that when you are given a challenge, and have developed the skill to achieve that goal it is possible for your brain to work at maximum capacity and that you can truly feel happy while writing an exam. It is possible to be so skilled and capable, that you feel confident and focused: the room disappears and for a moment it is just you enjoying the process of writing, of speaking, of reading, of listening, of learning, of being a nurse again!
Not everyone reaches this ultimate state of performance.
Either the challenge is to great or the skills too under developed. It is when skills match the challenge that the ultimate goal can be achieved. I believe, M, that you are developing the skills equal to the task, through your daily practice, I believe that if you continue to work on the mastery of writing reports in a timely fashion, as I have outlined, that you will achieve flow.  And in that moment, during the exam, your brain will do a miracle ~ allowing you to solve whatever problem or challenge you are faced with in the writing task.
Thank you for sharing. You are an inspiration to all those who follow!

Learn what M did. Develop your synapses. Experience Confidence, Courage and Grace during your exam. Explore CELBANPrep University. 


4 responses to “♫ CELBAN Writing Reports: whenever I do [CELBANPrep] writing exercises… my brain just works miracles.

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  4. Dear Kim,

    My writing is improving every day. Really, your comments, corrections and guidance are making a big difference to my learning process. I agree with M in every word he/she wrote, also bout what you mentioned. Practice, practice, practice is the key factor for success. I am practicing every day and spend more than an hour doing that. H

    Dear H,
    Thank you for commenting. Learning is a process. It takes time. It takes repetition. In a timed situations like the CELBAN you don’t have the luxury of time. So, your brain and hand must be able to work together in maximum efficiency. Practice allows for that. I am so glad to know you are practicing every day. For many people with an exam so soon I would be concerned, but if you are working so hard it is an obtainable goal! Kim

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